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Whitepaper: Using consent to build loyalty with consumers

by Peter Galdies / 20 Aug, 2018
Consumers are exercising their GDPR rights with commercial organisations and, for many individuals, data consent has become an on/off affair. Our latest consent whitepaper describes how to use consent to bring customers back into contact by strengthening the data-value exchange.

GDPR Toolkit wins Best GDPR Programme Award

by Peter Galdies / 29 Jun, 2018

DQM GRC wins prestigious award for it's successful GDPR ToolKit solution.

GDPR and Technology Research

by Peter Galdies / 21 Jun, 2018

This report provides compelling evidence of the key trends that are taking place among consumers and how businesses are using technology to meet the GDPR challenge.

eprivacy regulation

GDPR and ePrivacy eat ad-tech’s lunch?

by Peter Galdies / 01 Jun, 2018

The ePrivacy regulation is going to follow after GDPR and will present an equally big challenge for many in the ad-tech space.

Attitudinal research towards GDPR and data protection

by Peter Galdies / 03 Jan, 2018

This whitepaper examines how consumers expect their personal information to be protected and their experience of data breaches, as well as what businesses can do to ensure they have data protection at the heart.