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A new debate in philosophy: Ethics, GDPR and the data economy

by Martin Fletcher / 17 May, 2019
In an era where a handful of large organisations hold and use more information than at any time in history how does this fit with ethical principles that have been debated for centuries?

Is your marketing team managing your risk?

by Camilla Winlo / 08 May, 2019
The ICO has issued another fine to an organisation that did not do enough to ensure that its marketing activities were lawful - so what can you do to prevent this?
world password day

Is your organisation ready to #LayerUp this World Password Day?

by Camilla Winlo / 02 May, 2019
Today is the 6th annual World Password Day, the day when organisations around the world are encouraged to celebrate good password security. But what does that mean?
Call centre consent for recording image

Regulator rules consent is required for call recordings

by Camilla Winlo / 01 May, 2019
The Danish Data Protection Authority, Datatilsynet, has ruled on 8 April that calls can only be recorded for internal training purposes with the consent of the caller.
The right to be forgotten

Taxi firm fined heavily under GDPR for data retention

by Peter Galdies / 01 Apr, 2019
GDPR data retention rules have claimed their first victim with a taxi firm being fined £140,000 for the unlawful retention of trip details.

"Cookie walls" non-compliant with GDPR says regulator

by Peter Galdies / 20 Mar, 2019
"Cookie walls" that insist a website visitor agree to tracking for ad-targeting as a condition of entry to the site are non-compliant with the GDPR a regulator has confirmed

DQM GRC acquired by GRC International Group plc

by Peter Galdies / 13 Mar, 2019
DQM GRC is now part of GRC International Group plc, a leading supplier of governance, risk and compliance products and services.
Personal Information Data Subject Access Request

A straightforward approach to handling Subject Access Requests

by Camilla Winlo / 08 Mar, 2019
Subject Access Requests don’t have to be slow, expensive and risky. This nine step process outlines how you can take the stress away.

The Labour Party reminds MPs about GDPR obligations

by Peter Galdies / 01 Mar, 2019

The Labour Party has sent a reminder to MPs about its GDPR obligations attempted access personal data by unuathorised users.

Internet browsing image

Google under investigation by ICO for “forced consent”

by Peter Galdies / 12 Feb, 2019
The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating Google after a number of complaints were received regarding "forced consent"