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Precis: German Regulators focus on Google Analytics

by Cameron Troake / 15 Nov, 2019

The Supervisory Authority for Bavaria has suggested there may be up to 200,000 cases of websites using Google Analytics in a way that is not compliant with the DSGVO.

Overcoming the diffusion of responsibility and GDPR

by Cameron Troake / 15 Nov, 2019

We take a look at the steps that can be used to encourage data controllers to take more responsible actions under the GDPR, and how data protection professionals can begin to encourage real behavioural change.

Transforming your approach to Data Protection by Design and Default

by Cameron Troake / 15 Nov, 2019
If you feel your organisation’s interest in all things GDPR has waned a little over the past 18 months, or you’d like to read about how other companies are reengaging their colleagues’ interest in data protection - then this article is for you.

Lower Saxony review shows improvement in compliance, but more work needs to be done

by Cameron Troake / 13 Nov, 2019
The Supervisory Authority of Lower Saxony has released the findings of a study it undertook looking at how businesses changed during the transition to GDPR...
Contractual Necessity

Processing personal data on the basis of ‘Contractual Necessity’

by Cameron Troake / 04 Nov, 2019

The European Data Protection Board has now published its guidance on using ‘contractual necessity’ as a lawful basis. We take a look at when you should use it, and what you need to demonstrate in order to use it as a lawful basis. 

DMA Awards 2019

DQM GRC shortlisted for "Best Privacy by Design" at the 2019 DMA Awards

by Cameron Troake / 22 Oct, 2019

It started by rising to a challenge and ordering a questionable number of lemons and blindfolds on the internet. Now we're up for one of the UK's most prestigious awards.


DQM GRC launches BreachTrak™

by Cameron Troake / 18 Oct, 2019
It takes 206 days to detect a data breach on average: BreachTrak™ can do it in one.

It takes companies 206 days to identify a breach - you could do it in one

by Cameron Troake / 04 Oct, 2019
The faster a breach can be contained, the lower the costs for the business. On average, it takes companies 206 days to detect a breach - here's how you can do it in one.
Smart TVs

Living in 1984: Is your TV actually watching you?

by Cameron Troake / 04 Oct, 2019
Smart TVs are collecting vast quantities of personal data and passing it on to companies like Google and Amazon. Is this a breach of privacy, or the cost of using the technology?
Right to be forgotten

What does the Google ‘right to be forgotten’ case ruling mean for you?

by Cameron Troake / 01 Oct, 2019
We take a look at what the CJEU ruling for the Google 'right to be forgotten' case means for the GDPR and organisations across the world.