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The principles of the Data Protection Act: a guide

The principles of the Data Protection Act: a guide | DQM GRC

by Cameron Troake / 14 Aug, 2019
It’s easy to break down the Data Protection Act 2018 by its seven key principles. Here’s how to make sure you’re doing what you need to...
ISO 27001

No one ever got fired for implementing ISO 27001

by Cameron Troake / 09 Aug, 2019
Instead of relying on the assurances of tech vendors, implementing an ISMS is the sort of best practice that could help board members retain their jobs - even in the wake of a high-profile cyber incident.
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EU courts confirm website owners are responsible for plug-ins on their sites

by Cameron Troake / 08 Aug, 2019

The CJEU has been considering a case which looks into who is responsible for the collection and processing of personal data when a third-party button is placed on a website.

ISO 27701

ISO 27701: Setting a new standard for privacy

by Cameron Troake / 31 Jul, 2019

One of the most famous international standards is about to get an update. ISO 27001, the international standard for ISMS, will soon be joined by companion standard ISO 27701.

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One easy mistake to make cost this small business £80k in fines

by Cameron Troake / 23 Jul, 2019
A London estate agency has been fined £80,000 under the Data Protection Act for leaving personal data relating to 18,610 of its customers exposed for almost two years.
Data Theft

Motor industry employee ordered to pay £25,500 for data theft

by Cameron Troake / 18 Jul, 2019
Motor industry employee, Mustafa Kasim, has been ordered to pay a £25,500 confiscation order for accessing personal data without permission in a prosecution brought by the ICO.
Cybersecurity Wizard Hacker

Wizards and magic boxes: How not to talk about cybersecurity

by Cameron Troake / 18 Jul, 2019
Bulgaria's Prime Minister says a "Wizard" is responsible for carrying out a highly sophiticated cyber attack that comprised the records of nearly every working adult in the country.

Cyber-attacks create £284m in potential GDPR fines

by Peter Galdies / 10 Jul, 2019
The ICO announced its first two notices of Intent to fine under the GDPR regime this week, and they show that the Information Commissioner is fully prepared to use her powers.

ICO set to fine British Airways £183.39m under GDPR

by Peter Galdies / 08 Jul, 2019
The ICO has today announced its intention to fine British Airways £183m for losing personal data belonging to 500,000 customers in 2018

Hit the brakes: How safe is your data in a company car?

by Peter Galdies / 04 Jul, 2019
You don’t look at a moving vehicle and think that’s a data security accident waiting to happen. But this might be the case if your organisation offers connected cars as an employee perk.