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DQM GRC launches BreachTrak™

by Cameron Troake / 18 Oct, 2019
It takes 206 days to detect a data breach on average: BreachTrak™ can do it in one.

It takes companies 206 days to identify a breach - you could do it in one

by Cameron Troake / 04 Oct, 2019
The faster a breach can be contained, the lower the costs for the business. On average, it takes companies 206 days to detect a breach - here's how you can do it in one.
Smart TVs

Living in 1984: Is your TV actually watching you?

by Cameron Troake / 04 Oct, 2019
Smart TVs are collecting vast quantities of personal data and passing it on to companies like Google and Amazon. Is this a breach of privacy, or the cost of using the technology?
Data protection: California bound

Privacy Regulation: Next Stop, California

by Cameron Troake / 03 Oct, 2019
From 1st January 2020, the CCPA will affect companies based in, or conducting business with, firms or individual in California. Here's what you need to know.
Right to be forgotten

What does the Google ‘right to be forgotten’ case ruling mean for you?

by Cameron Troake / 01 Oct, 2019
We take a look at what the CJEU ruling for the Google 'right to be forgotten' case means for the GDPR and organisations across the world.
No deal Brexit

How will a no-deal Brexit affect UK data transfers?

by Cameron Troake / 01 Oct, 2019
This article explains the repercussions that a no-deal Brexit will have on data transfers, along with the steps organisations should consider taking now to prepare.
YouTube Fined

YouTube fined $170m for violating children’s privacy rights

by Cameron Troake / 11 Sep, 2019

YouTube has been fined $170 million and found guilty of knowingly tracking children’s behaviour in order to target them with advertising.

Facebook breach

Nearly 200 million phone numbers exposed in latest Facebook breach

by Cameron Troake / 06 Sep, 2019
The leak was discovered by a security researcher, who found 419 million records on an unsecured server - so no password was needed to access them.
ISO 27701

Will privacy ever be what it says on the tin?

by Cameron Troake / 02 Sep, 2019
What would it be like if your privacy practices were as easily identifiable as the nutritional information on a sandwich - could this ever be a reality?
ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management Summary

ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management: an introduction

by Cameron Troake / 20 Aug, 2019
Should your organisation get ISO 27701 certified? We take a look at the benefits and how to get started with the new international standard for privacy management.