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Service benefits

  1. 1.Hassle-free tracking of your customer data
    Our innovative service ensures effortless tracking of your customer data, providing you with comprehensive insights into its use.
  2. 2.Cost-effective data monitoring to prevent data loss
    Implement data monitoring in a cost-effective manner which when communicated with staff and suppliers, prevents data loss and data leakage.
  3. 3.Stop ongoing data leakage with timely alerts
    Receive alerts to stop new data leakage, empowering you to take swift action and mitigate risks.
  4. 4.Comprehensive breach tracking
    Be the first to know about any use of your data set. With our service, you have the missing piece in data tracking, allowing you to identify and respond to security incidents effectively.

How can data seeding enhance your data loss prevention policy?

  1. 1.Strengthen your DLP strategy
    Make data seeding an integral part of your DLP strategy. By inserting synthetic profiles into your data, you create an additional layer of security that complements existing measures to prevent data loss and data leakage.
  2. 2.Raise awareness
    Ensure your staff and suppliers are aware of the presence of these trackers. Such transparency sends a powerful message, deterring intentional data loss by letting potential culprits know they will be caught.
  3. 3.Track decryption and usage
    Get unparalleled visibility into your data’s journey. Our service tracks if data is decrypted and used, so you can pinpoint vulnerabilities and reinforce security where needed.
  4. 4.The missing piece in breach tracking
    Only 1 in 3 breaches is identified by the organisation itself – 67% are reported by a third party or an attacker (IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023).
    Data seeding is the final piece of the puzzle in tracking breaches. Get alerted to any use of your data set and be the first to know if a breach has occurred. With a comprehensive approach to DLP, you can identify and respond to security incidents swiftly and effectively.

Case study – data seeding in action

One of our clients – a recruitment company – used our service to track use of its candidate database. Our client discovered a breach involving candidates receiving information about jobs that it had not advertised. High Court action resulted in the perpetrator receiving a suspended prison sentence, a restraining order and a substantial fine due to the evidence our client was able to produce from the seeded data. Had the perpetrator been aware the data had been seeded, this breach could have been prevented.

How it works

Our seamless process ensures easy integration into your systems. We will generate unique, synthetic customer profiles for your database. We’ll supply the seeds in a suitable format for you to upload – we don’t need access to your true data at any time. We track the use of this data and will alert you to any suspicious use. You can focus on your data operations with peace of mind.

Take control of your data security today

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Embrace data seeding as a proactive measure in safeguarding your sensitive information. Strengthen your DLP strategy and stay one step ahead of threats.

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