Increase profitability with a Royalty Audit

It can be difficult to ensure your customers are using licensed data within the limits of contract.

A royalty audit will examine your customers’ use of licensed data in detail and ensure that they are returning the correct amount of royalty, and within the specified timescale.

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What to expect

An audit may be prompted during contract renegotiations, where reported data usage is not in line with your expectations or where you are concerned about a customer’s processes. Our auditors have extensive experience working with third parties and understand the need to maintain professional relationships. Where required, they are well placed to handle any issues delicately.

Our auditor will check that your customers have been abiding by the terms of their licence by:



Ensuring customers understand and adhere to their obligations under the licence regarding reporting and payments;



Ensuring customers understand and adhere to their obligations regarding further Licensing of the data to third parties, including auditing their customer contracts;



Ensuring customers use of the data is consistent with what is reported to you; and



Ensuring proper data protection controls

How it works

  1. Speak to us about your requirements.
  2. We will book audits with your customers according to an agreed time frame.
  3. Audits will take place on site where required.
  4. The audit report for each customer will include:
    1. Details of all checks and investigations made;
    2. Witness statements where relevant;
    3. The number and breadth of checks; and
    4. Evidence regarding compliance and non-compliance with the licence.

What our customers say

Royal Mail Data Services have been working with DQM GRC since 2003. The integrated governance service they provide to us is invaluable in the fight against data misuse and the protection of our valuable assets. The DQM team always go the extra mile required to exceed our expectations. We consider them a valuable extension to our knowledgeable team and a trusted partner.

Client Review
Paul Davison Head of Royal Mail Data Services
Bespoke Solutions

Service benefits

  • Increase revenue by ensuring customers pay for data usage correctly.
  • Help customers understand their data usage and get the most out of their licence.
  • Ensure complex contracts are understood and enforced.
  • Reassure stakeholders that your assets are being handled correctly by customers.

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