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Securing your remote working processes during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you have recently changed your processes to support an increased number of home workers, we can help you make sure your new processes are as safe as your usual ones.

We work with organisations of all sizes to help them build effective processes that mitigate risks and stay compliant with the regulations.

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GDPR Assessment and Gap Analysis

Our unique Radartm GDPR Risk Assessment can test how your organisation measures up against the requirements of UK and US information governance standards.

Depending on your company’s needs, these assessments can include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Californian Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the forthcoming (EU) E-Privacy legislation. We will highlight your strengths, areas for improvement and even help you to implement our compliance recommendations if required

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Managed Data Protection Officer and Support Services

Is your organisation struggling to manage all its data protection and compliance requirements? If so, you can consider outsourcing your data protection responsibilities. We’ll take care of your privacy and compliance requirements - leaving you free to crack on with your core business responsibilities and opportunities.

We provide a practical solution for organisations that either don’t have the necessary specialist expertise to fulfill their Data Protection Officer (DPO) obligations, or those that are just looking for extra Privacy and Compliance support on a provisional or project-based basis.

Our expert data protection consultants can become part of your in-house team. We can either act as your DPO or provide expert privacy support as and when your team needs it.

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Privacy by Design, GDPR and data protection training workshops

We make Privacy by Design and compliance training fun so it produces real results.

No lecture-style slideshows or nodding off in these workshops – we take privacy regulation off the page and centre our training around active discussions and team-based activities (involving lemons, playdoh, and blindfolds…).

This learning-by-doing approach makes privacy training exciting, engaging and unforgettable. It ensures teams in every function develop a Privacy by Design attitude, not because they need to – but because they want to.

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ISO 27701 assessments

ISO 27701 is the new international standard for privacy. It aligns with GDPR but also allows organisations to use the standard to encompass other privacy laws, regulations and requirements. This makes it an excellent choice for organisations of all sizes looking to demonstrate their compliance with GDPR.

Our ISO 27701 consultants can give your organisation a head start on getting ISO 27701 certified with our 4-stage action plan and assessment process.

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