We work with some of the world’s largest organisations – and many smaller ones too. What our clients of all sizes have in common is an understanding that great data-driven decisions and disruptive data-lead products and services require confidence. We help organisations build that confidence by helping them communicate, manage their risks and contracts and embed data protection and privacy thinking into their approach to products and services.

We believe that data protection is not just an inherent part of innovation – it drives it too. We believe organisations succeed when people trust them to use their data in creative ways. We believe organisational partnerships succeed when both sides trust that data sharing agreements are honoured.

So if you believe that data is your organisation’s most valuable asset, if you believe that your sales depend on you getting data protection and privacy right, if you believe that good data protection practices make great commercial sense – our purpose is to help your business excel.

DQM GRC exists to build Confidence in Data

What our clients say

When we launched our company five years ago one of our first priorities was to ensure that our data was protected and used in accordance with our licence terms. With links to DQM going back over 10 years and through two previous companies there was no hesitation in choosing them as our seeding company. It is a service that gives us oversight on the use of our data and has been key in quickly detecting and stopping licence contraventions. The team provide feedback and advice on case resolution and any urgent matters are quickly dealt with. After 10+ years of association we remain very happy with the service and the quality of information that the DQM seeding solution provides. ​

Client Review
John Hawkes Director, Omnis Data Limited

We first started using DQM GRC as our seeding company in 2014. This has been vital in helping us secure the data that we hold and making sure that our data licenses are not contravened.  We have managed to stop a number of companies misusing the data and, in some instances, we have reclaimed costs for additional use. The process itself is very robust and all of the DQM GRC team are very quick to respond to requests. This gives us the ability to act quickly. DQM GRC have consistently counselled us on the best way to maximise the service. I am very happy with the service and the quality of information that DQM GRC seeding has provided to us. ​

Client Review
Dave Battson Director, Data HQ

DQM GRC initially conducted a GDPR readiness review which highlighted a number of areas the team at Pearson needed to work on to be ready for GDPR. Since the review they have been supporting us on site with our data mapping and Records of Processing. We have found their team to be supportive and helpful which has enabled us to move forward with our overall GDPR plan.

Stephen McCartney EU Director of Privacy, Pearson

The Royal Mail Address Management Unit values the role that DQM plays in providing independent and accurate measurement of the quality of the data in our Postcode Address File. Having an independent set of eyes reporting back to us helps us to refine our processes to enhance the product for our customers. 

Client Review
Ian Evans Head of AMU Products & Licensing, Royal Mail Address Management Unit

We started using DQM back in 2018. Ensuring that our processing is GDPR compliant is at the heart of what we do. Seeding ensures that our data is not being abused and is part of our GDPR approach.The team’s input when we first set up seeding was invaluable. They’ve always provided us with first-class customer service and have also shown great flexibility.

Adeline Bonnet Head of Content, ALF Insight (MBI)

DQM GRC have been assisting Equifax with seed monitoring for a number of years.  They have always provided a professional service with any request being actioned very promptly. The monitoring has helped to keep track of clients’ mailing activities and ensures there are no unlicensed mailings slipping through.  I would recommend DQM GRC to any company who needs assistance in this area.

Client Review
Cara Mitchell Account Manager, Fulfilment, Business Operations, Equifax Ltd