Ensure the use of CCTV in your organisation complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018 and the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice.

The use of CCTV on commercial premises is subject to compliance with The Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013 and UK data protection law.

Organisations are subject to a range of obligations and requirements related to the provision of images or information to individuals and relevant authorities, including placing signs to inform people that CCTV is in use and why it is in use, be able to provide images or recordings within 1 month and share images with the authorities if they ask. In addition to conducting appropriate DPIAs (data protection impact assessments), keeping up-to-date documentation and controlling access to images and information.

It is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that it’s CCTV system complies with the requirements, and the easiest way to do this is with a CCTV audit.

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What to expect

Using a combination of physical visits, data analysis and data comparison, our methodology will measure the quality of your dataset across multiple dimensions according to your objectives. For example, this could include:


DPIA review/template

We will review your completed DPIA or provide a template for completion.


On-site CCTV audits

We will visit your site(s) to review the use of CCTV against the completed DPIA for each CCTV system (or provide support to complete the DPIA) and perform a gap analysis aligned to the surveillance camera Code of Practice.


Legal review

If your organisation does not have a DPO (data protection officer), once all DPIAs and gap analysis reports have been completed, we will liaise with our sister company GRCI Law to ensure all regulatory aspects have been covered.


Gap analysis and DPIAs

The gap analysis will provide a full overview of your CCTV data protection compliance position. With this information, you can take remedial action to become compliant. We will also provide feedback on your DPIAs where appropriate.


Ongoing maintenance of compliance

We will work with you to ensure you have a process in place to monitor CCTV data protection compliance moving forward.

We will tailor our service to suit you. Regardless of the size and type of operation, we can independently audit the use of CCTV to give an accurate picture of compliance.

  •  Just one camera.
  •  Multiple cameras across several sites.
  •  Monitored in-house.
  •  Monitored by a third party.

This audit can be carried out individually, or as part of a wider data protection project. Simply let us know your requirements and we will come up with a proposal that suits you.

Bespoke Solutions

Service benefits

  • Ensure that you comply with relevant data protection laws when using CCTV to monitor your premises.
  • Ensure that you comply appropriately with requests for CCTV imagery from individuals and authorities.
  • Get a tailored proposal that suits your needs.

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