Our practical implementation consultants can help you work out how to address the challenges you face – and then work alongside you to deliver your action plan.

Our team is made up of qualified and experienced data protection professionals with data and operations backgrounds. We understand the law and how to translate it into organisational reality in a way that is both compliant and aligned to your goals and priorities.

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GDPR gap analysis

Do you know which data protection issues you should be focusing on?

Our GDPR Gap Analysis is a robust assessment of your assurance levels using our proprietary GDPR Radar™ tool. This tool assesses whether your assurance levels are appropriate for your organisation, given its unique data protection context.


Interim and seconded consultancy

Could your privacy team use another pair of experienced hands?

Interim and secondment consultants integrate into your team, reporting directly to you – but without adding to your headcount. Our qualified and experienced consultants can work directly with you to provide hands-on support when you need it most.

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Cyber Comply is is an all encompassing software platform that guides organisations through cyber risk and privacy management monitoring and compliance and is developed by our sister company Vigilant Software.

The CyberComply platform includes control sets from ISO 27001, ISO 27017,
ISO 27018, ISO 22301, ISO 27032, NIST, CSA CCM, the PCI DSS, SOC 2, CCPA, CCRA and Cyber Essentials.

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International Data Transfer Assessment

After Brexit, things are likely to change. Do you have everything in place to keep your data flowing after Brexit? Do you need to appoint local representatives in the EU and/or UK and identify a new lead supervisory authority?

Our International Data Transfer Assessment covers the three key actions, and around 150 supporting smaller tasks, required to keep your data flowing after Brexit.

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GDPR Cookie Compliance Service

Is your approach to cookies compliant and effective?

This assessment will highlight any cookies on your site with known risks, and provide key recommendations that will ensure your webpages and cookie operations are compliant with the GDPR.


Bespoke consultancy

Do you need expert help with a specific project?

Our bespoke consultancy solutions are designed for each individual client, drawing on all the skills and experience available to us. Our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and design a project to meet your needs.

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Privacy by design

Do you kow how to protect data by design and default? The law requires organisations to ensure from the very start of a project that data will be protected by design and default. 

We can train your project and development teams to incorporate privacy by design requirements into projects in a way that both complies with the law and improves the projects.

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EU-US Data Transfers Assessment and Action Plan

Do you have everything in place to keep data flowing after the fall of Privacy Shield?

Our consultants will assess your progress against the six steps set out by the European Data Protection Board, plus an assessment of your readiness to cope if your controls fail, and provide you with an action plan to help you comply.

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