What is AI regulatory compliance?

As AI (artificial intelligence) continues to evolve, new regulatory frameworks are emerging to ensure that these technologies are developed and used responsibly.

Organisations must ensure their AI use complies with current data protection laws like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and evolving AI-specific regulations like the EU AI Act.

DQM GRC provides specialised consulting services to help organisations maximise the potential of AI while prioritising data privacy and regulatory compliance.

How we can help

At DQM GRC, we provide end-to-end guidance for organisations seeking to implement AI solutions while maintaining data privacy and regulatory compliance. Our expert consultants partner with you through every stage of your AI journey:

  • Documentation management: We will write or review documentation to ensure it reflects how your chosen AI solution will use, process, store and access your data.
  • Set-up advice: We will advise your technical team to ensure the data protection settings of your chosen AI solution are correct, for example ensuring access to data is limited to the minimum necessary.
  • Risk management: We will conduct risk assessments on your behalf and advise you on levels of acceptable risk and mitigation techniques.

With our support, you can implement AI with confidence, assure stakeholders, and maintain compliance as laws and technologies evolve. We enable you to maximise AI’s potential while proactively managing risks.

Harness the power of AI without compromising on compliance

Don’t let regulatory complexity slow your AI adoption. Partner with us for end-to-end support so you can integrate AI with confidence. Our tailored approach enables you to unlock AI’s potential while proactively managing risks.

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