The majority of organisations are investigating the use of AI in the workplace to improve processes, increase productivity and ultimately drive sales. However, the data-driven nature of AI means the privacy of your data subjects (employees and customers) needs to be considered at the outset.

Examples of AI tools our customers are using with our help:

Microsoft Copilot – AI software integrated in Windows to help you complete tasks with ease.

HubSpot AI – add-ons within the HubSpot platform that can draft content, streamline workflows and enhance data analysis.

Otter – an AI Zoom extension that takes notes, captures slides and writes meeting summaries.

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UK data protection

As organisations integrate AI tools, they need to consider the GDPR requirement to conduct DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) to evaluate risks and the implications for people’s privacy. DPIAs are integral to GDPR compliance, offering a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating risks before they become problematic.

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Four steps to AI integration with DQM GRC

Our services are designed to guide your organisation through seamless AI integration while ensuring complete compliance with UK data protection regulations and the GDPR.

  1. 1.Data protection compliance and AI tool assessment: We will adapt our proprietary GDPR RADAR™ assessment, which is centred around privacy by design, to assess the AI tool your organisation is implementing. This assessment evaluates your current GDPR compliance and identifies any necessary measures for integration. Our unique RADAR methodology delivers a clear picture of your compliance with data protection law from the standpoint of your organisation and your chosen AI tool.

RADAR chart

Radar Chart Example

What does this mean?

Each control and each area of the report is rated red, amber or green to show whether your current level of compliance is inadequate (red), potentially adequate (amber) or adequate (green). Inadequate areas need to be addressed first.

RADAR results

Radar Chart Example 2

What does this mean?

A red finding means that you do not demonstrate enough assurance that you are meeting the requirement, given the risk in your data protection context.

Area breakdown

Area Breakdown Example Report

What does this mean?

Each area is further broken down into control themes. Where a particular area is more important for an organisation, we look for a higher level of assurance. This approach makes it easier for you to see where to focus your resources.

  1. 2.Data protection impact assessments: A DPIA is a risk assessment that must be conducted where the processing of personal data is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. Put another way, it weighs the objectives an organisation is seeking to achieve and how it wants to achieve them against the impact they might have on individuals and their rights under data protection law. The assessment will highlight the risks involved and enable you to find effective ways to remove or mitigate those risks. Your consultant will provide templates for DPIAs, conduct a DPIA, review an existing DPIA, and deliver advice and guidance on controls to implement to reduce any risks identified.
  2. 3.Data documentation and processing agreements: We meticulously assess the documentation of personal data sources in the new system and review existing data processing agreements. Our team are experts at creating and reviewing these documents and are well-placed to navigate a compliant way of transferring data to your chosen AI platform. Throughout this process, our focus will remain on data protection compliance, and documenting the new AI technology and associated processes to meet the GDPR’s accountability principle.
  3. 4.Post-assessment support: Following the initial assessment, DQM GRC offers comprehensive support precisely when you need it.

Additional DPIAs

Facilitating risk management activities in response to DPIA findings

Managing the risk register

Implementation of other business processes or services

Ongoing data privacy consultancy to support the use of AI or wider efforts

Data protection-related audit including supplier audits

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