Examples of processes for validation:

  • Sales process testing.
  • Data subject rights testing.
  • Delivery capabilities and schedules testing.
  • Process testing to meet data protection regulations.

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Service benefits

  1. 1.Ensure your internal and external processes are working as they should.
  2. 2.Comprehensive, discreet assessment of your process.
  3. 3.Receive a detailed report, backed by data, to assess the process in question.
  4. 4.Assess whether your suppliers are fulfilling the terms of their contract.

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How is data seeding used for process assurance?

  1. 1.Uncover inefficiencies
    Use data seeding to ensure your process is working as it should, and correct any issues to improve performance.
  2. 2.Track end-to-end user journeys
    Follow the customer journey to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
  3. 3.Track unauthorised data use
    Our service enables you to monitor and track any unauthorised use of your data, bolstering your data protection compliance efforts.
  4. 4.Monitor processes effortlessly
    Easily monitor, validate and enhance your processes with our comprehensive reporting.

Case study – how data seeding is used for process validation

A well-known telecommunications company implemented our tracking services to identify gaps in delivery of its national phonebook. The process assurance service helped identify specific areas where distribution had failed. As an independent assessor, DQM GRC was able to help the client’s operational team in providing data and information relating to delivery performance and therefore managing supplier performance. The data statistics supplied by DQM GRC were also used to support dialogues with advertisers to enable a robust defence of any criticisms of the quality and timeliness of the product delivery and ultimately to support the increase of advertising sales.

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