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eprivacy regulation

GDPR and ePrivacy eat ad-tech’s lunch?

by Peter Galdies / 01 Jun, 2018

The ePrivacy regulation is going to follow after GDPR and will present an equally big challenge for many in the ad-tech space.

Attitudinal research towards GDPR and data protection

by Peter Galdies / 03 Jan, 2018

This whitepaper examines how consumers expect their personal information to be protected and their experience of data breaches, as well as what businesses can do to ensure they have data protection at the heart.

GDPR Technology

Essential GDPR Security Technologies

by Peter Galdies / 14 Dec, 2017

This whitepaper helps clarify the specific security needs that organisations must consider arising from the GDPR and will highlight some of the key technologies that may help.

Permission, Consent, Consumer Opinion & GDPR

by Peter Galdies / 05 Dec, 2017

This whitepaper looks at what you need to know about GDPR and permission, how consumers view consent, where businesses face the biggest challenges, and what they can do about them.

Is GDPR going to be opt-in consent?

by Peter Galdies / 07 Dec, 2016

Consent is a complex issue – for a start it’s only one of several legal reasons for processing (necessity, compliance and legitimate interests of the controller being others)...

DMA Compliance Audit

DMA appoints DQM GRC for its specialist knowledge on data compliance

by Peter Galdies / 31 Oct, 2016

In line with the DMA’s drive for the highest standards and a responsible approach to data-driven marketing, the company has launched an updated compliance audit which provides additional assurance

Brexit statement: What happens next for Privacy & GDPR?

by Peter Galdies / 24 Jun, 2016

The long term impact of the UK's referendum decision to "Brexit" on the legislative framework for privacy is unlikely to be hugely significant.

Opt-4 and DQM GRC join forces to help brands improve permission rates with launch of PermissionMax©

by Peter Galdies / 11 Mar, 2016

Press Release 11th March 2016. 

DQM GRC Expands Focus on Data Governance, Risk and Compliance

by Peter Galdies / 04 Mar, 2016

Press Release 4th March 2016.