Does your organisation sell data commercially or have a large customer database? DQM's data quality assurance service can ensure the accuracy of your data.

Our data professionals have many years of experience in data analysis and can resolve data quality issues and ensure data quality control.

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What to expect

Using a combination of physical visits, data analysis and data comparison, our methodology will measure the quality of your dataset according to your data quality requirements. For example, this could include:

 Accuracy and data consistency

Is all the information in each dataset accurate and correctly formatted to ensure delivery?


Is all the information required for each dataset available?


Does the data include the entire data field as required (for example, an area, a postcode, or a demographic)?


Are movers/disconnects/hard bounces removed from the dataset promptly?

To verify the quality of your data, we commonly use a five-step process:

  1. Data sourcing
    We will source reputable data with which to compare your data set.
  2. Data matching
    We will compare the outsourced data to the customer data, resulting in three data sets:
    1. Those unique to the customer data set
    2. Those that overlap in both data sets
    3. Those unique to the outsourced data set
  3. Data sampling
    We will take samples from the unique customer and overlapping data sets for detailed analysis and correction.
  4. Physical address visits and desk research
    We will visit addresses, call phone numbers, and use email to verify the unmatched data to either confirm it is correct or update records to ensure accuracy.
  5. Data quality report
    Once we have reviewed and updated data as far as is possible, we will supply a report to summarise the accuracy of your data, suitable for sharing with stakeholders and other interested parties.

B2B address verification
We can also source major commercial business universes to verify business data in the same way as above.

Bespoke Consultancy solutions

What our customers say

The Royal Mail Address Management Unit values the role that DQM plays in providing an independent and accurate measurement of the quality of the data in our Postcode Address File. Having an independent set of eyes reporting back to us helps us refine our processes to enhance the product for our customers.

Client Review
Ian Evans Head of AMU Product & Licensing Royal Mail Address Management Unit
Bespoke Solutions

Service benefits

  • Assure stakeholders and customers of the quality of your data.
  • Get an accurate picture of which data is accurate and which may not be.
  • Flag potential issues with your data collection methods.
  • Have confidence in your database.

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