DQM GRC formed in 1996, to help organisations harness the emerging power of data.

We could see that ‘Confidence in Data’ would be essential to the Information Age and so we began offering services to help data owners protect, manage and commercialise their data assets. Right from the beginning, we could see that data protection would be critical for data-driven innovation.

Our award-winning range of services and solutions can give any organisation confidence in their data, from SMEs to multinationals and from finance to publishers or utilities –
we understand your specific requirements and can provide bespoke and hands-on support via our specialist group of experts.

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The year we were founded:

The volume of email sent surpassed postal mail for the first time
in the US.

Digital storage became more
cost-effective for storing information
than paper for the first time.

More than 4% of the UK population (roughly 2.5 million people) had internet access.

Hackers altered the US Department of Justice, the CIA and the US Air Forces' websites.

Microsoft launched Exchange Server, providing users and systems administrators with native open and secure access to the internet.

Boza, the first virus designed specifically for Windows 95 files arrived, and Laroux, the first Excel macro virus appears.

Google launched its first ever
search engine, with their original name - "BackRub".

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is introduced in the USA.

DQM GRC's journey since 1996

1996 – DQM GRC founded by Peter Galdies to protect the valuable data assets of commercial organisations
1996 – DQM GRC introduces the first commercial data tracking service
1996 – 36 million internet users (0.9% of the world’s population)1
1998 – UK Data Protection Act 1998
2003 – DQM GRC acquires Data Quality Management Ltd to expand growing commercial audit services
2004 – ‘Web 2.0’ websites featuring user-generated content become commonplace
2004 – DQM GRC becomes UK’s largest auditor of commercial data use
2005 – Over 1 billion internet users (15.7% of the world’s population)
2011 – DQM GRC creates DataIQ to promote best practice in the emerging data profession
2012 – DQM GRC creates the Secure Data Hub – an innovative service combining secure data distribution with embedded data tracking
2012 – EU announces intention to create the GDPR
2015 – DataIQ divested to allow DQM GRC to focus on Data Governance and Compliance
2016 – GDPR Radar™ gap analysis tool launched to help organisations prepare for GDPR Compliance
2018 – EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented across Europe
2018 – UK Data Protection Act 2018 implemented
2018 – DQM GRC Creates award winning Privacy-by-Design Programme
2019 – GRC International acquires DQM GRC
2020 – New product launches include Brexit Readiness Assessment, EU-US Data Transfers Assessment and Action Plan and Cookie Assessment
2020 – DQM GRC delivers world’s first mixed media remote learning Privacy-by-Design programme

1Internet statistics from Internet World Stats, https://www.globalpolicy.org/tables-and-charts-ql/27519-internet-users.html