DQM GRC was established in 1996 to help commercial data owners protect and commercialise their data assets. We believe that good privacy practices make sound commercial sense and are the market leaders in commercial data auditing.

Over the years, we have built up unrivalled expertise in data supply chain audit and can help you manage regulatory and contractual compliance in your upstream and downstream data flows.

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Data licence audit

How do you monitor compliance with your data licences?

DQM GRC is long established as the leading provider of data licence assurance services to the UK’s commercial data owners. Our specialist second party auditors will work with you to create a bespoke audit plan to meet your needs and requirements.


Technical and organisational measures audit

How do you assure your leadership team that your technical and organisational measures are appropriate?

Our skilled and experienced auditors will review your technical and organisational measures against our proprietary audit framework derived from relevant international standards to assure you that your controls are appropriate.

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Data supplier audit

Do you know that the data you're buying is correctly permissioned?

By law, you are responsible for ensuring that there is a valid lawful basis for you to receive and use the data you acquire. Our auditors will assess a variety of issues and can work with you and your data brokers to address any issues we may uncover.


Bespoke auditing services

Do you need expert help with a specific project?

DQM GRC specialises in designing bespoke engagements to meet your needs. Our bespoke audit solutions are designed for each individual client, drawing on all the skills and experience available to us. We can work with you to scope, define, design and deliver any data protection, process assurance or data capability-related project you need supported.

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