Cookies are an essential part of the online experience, but they must be used with care.

The law requires cookies to be switched off by default in most cases and it is increasingly common for browsers to refuse third party cookies.

The way you implement and promote your use of cookies is critical to your ability to gain useful insights into your users and to ensure your website functions as intended.

We can help you comply with GDPR,PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) or cookie laws in other jurisdictions at the same time as meeting your business objectives.

Discover more about our GDPR Cookie Compliance Service service below 
Cookie Assessment Service

What will the service cover?

 Full website review

We will review your website to establish what cookies you are using and where they're used.

 Highlight of all website cookies

We will highlight any cookies with known risks or that are not included in your cookie policy/notice.

 Compliance review

We will review your cookie banner and opt-in rates to ensure your banner complies with the law and is neither encouraging nor discouraging consent (the former is unlawful, the latter is a waste). This review can be done for international laws that affect cookies in addition to the UK GDPR and PECR.

Provide clear next-steps

We will provide you with a clear, straightforward report that explains your obligations, how well you currently address them and provides an action plan to help you improve. We also recommend reassessing your cookie compliance annually.

What you can expect 

The cookie assessment is delivered remotely and we simply require confirmation of your website URL to carry out the project. Our consultants will help your business map how closely your website and cookie operations align to what the cookie regulations require.

Once we’ve completed our cookies assessment to map your current state of play, you will have a clear roadmap that will outline the areas which need to be addressed in order to achieve compliance. If required, our consultants can help you put these policies and processes in place.

If your website features an unusually large number of cookies, we may need additional time to complete the review. We can advise you of this during scoping discussions

bespoke cookie assessment solutions

Make it your own

Our GDPR Cookie Compliance Service can be tailored to your needs. We can:

  • Expand the review to cover other areas such consent mechanisms for other marketing activities
  • Review your plans for upgrading your cookie management platform or website
  • Review your approach to cookies and provide you with recommendations for improvements
  • Investigate your chosen cookie providers and provide you with detailed vendor assessments
  • Create an ongoing assessment programme to monitor performance over time
  • Build you something specific tailored to your own needs and risks – just ask!

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