What is data seeding?

Data seeding is a cost-effective way to ensure you know how and where your data is used.

The GDPR requires data controllers to implement appropriate controls to safeguard personal data, including when it is transferred to a third party.

Data seeding allows you to confirm adherence to contract terms, follow the customer experience through a process and – if things go wrong – prove what happened.

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Data seeding solutions

How would you know if your data was stolen or misused?

Data seeding can help reduce the risk of data loss by letting you track your data sets and warning you if they are misused or offered for sale by cybercriminals.

Our data seeding team will work with you to design a data seeding programme tailored to your needs and requirements.


Process assurance

How do you assure your leadership team that your processes are working as intended?

The GDPR makes organisations accountable for ensuring that their controls are effective and that their processes work as intended to protect personal data.

DQM GRC’s process assurance services allow organisations to track end-to-end user journeys designed to test that controls work as intended.


What our clients say

CACI is an industry-leading provider of marketing services.

CACI help their clients to grow customer volumes and revenue by delivering a connected customer experience. The amazing things they do with data enable them to create unrivalled insight that can lead to business change, increase customer engagement and drive digital transformation.

They work with a range of organisations across all industry sectors.

Data underpins all their services, and they work with several reputable strategic partners to offer solutions to their clients.

"We have been using DQM GRC as our seeding company since 2006. They have been a vital element of our reseller model providing us with the reassurance that our data is being used within the terms of our data licences. The service has helped us identify a reseller who was not adhering to their licence terms and enabled us to swiftly remove them from our partner list, as well as recouping the missing revenue which more than paid for the seeding service.

The DQM GRC team are very efficient and have provided great account management to ensure a smooth process when seeding our data."

- Sarah Collin, Partner in the Product Development & Innovation Team at CACI

Data Locator Group Ltd (DLG) are Consumer Data Marketing specialists and one of the UK's largest providers of consumer lifestyle data.

They aim to help you make the most of your marketing through list rental and lead generation and drive growth for some of the UK’s largest brands with their multi-channel data and expert services.

Since 1998, DLG has helped many businesses spanning various industry sectors, from SMEs to leading nationally recognised companies.

DLG understand that the quality of data is vital and that their clients trust them to supply accurate and compliant consumer data, which is why they only collect data in line with the highest standards in accordance with UK legislation. They have also been awarded the DataSeal accreditation by the DMA, which assures you that they have correct information security measures in place.

We have worked with DQM GRC for many years now and have found them to be efficient, accommodating and a great company to work with. DQM’s excellent seeding service allows us to deliver an extra layer of value-add to our clients which they really appreciate.”

- Sam Pocock, Data Protection Officer at DLG