Privacy by Design

Could your approach to data protection by design and by default make your products and services more appealing?

The requirement to design data protection into your business practices and ensure personal data is protected by default is at the heart of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Privacy by design is a proactive approach that embeds privacy considerations in the design, development and implementation of products, services and processes. Designing privacy and data protection into all areas of your organisation from the beginning increases customer confidence.

Our privacy by design consultancy service offers organisations expert guidance and support in implementing privacy by design principles across their operations.

Privacy by Design for competitive edge

Our consultants can provide ongoing support or help you through specific projects by working with your team for an extended period. We can support you with any of the following:

  • Writing policies and procedures to ensure privacy is considered for process revisions and new projects.
  • Conducting risk assessments (including data protection impact assessments) to assess existing privacy risk.
  • Implementing controls to mitigate risks identified in the risk assessments.
  • Developing strategies to incorporate privacy by design into the culture of your organisation.
  • Working on specific projects to ensure all privacy concerns are addressed.
  • Educating product development and project management staff on how to become privacy-centric for all future projects and products.
  • Project managing the development of training for all levels of staff including upper management.

Service benefits:

  • Proactively address privacy concerns, assuring stakeholders that data protection is a top priority.
  • Build customer trust by supplying products or services with data protection ingrained from the beginning of development.
  • Benefit from an enhanced reputation for protecting personal data and complying with data protection regulations.
  • Mitigate breach risks by adopting best-practice data protection processes.