Privacy by design is at the heart of every data-driven project

The law requires organisations to ensure from the very start of a project that data will be protected by design and by default. It means project teams need to consider the risks, privacy and information security features associated with design choices from the very beginning.

We offer award-winning privacy by design training and services, and can work alongside your project team to help it get privacy right.

We can train your project and development teams to incorporate privacy by design requirements into projects in a way that complies with the law and improves the projects.

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Privacy by Design Services

How do consumers feel about their personal data?

| 13%

were ‘Liberal’ – unlikely to be concerned about how their personal data may be used, sold or shared


were ‘Tolerant’ – higher levels of comfort with data collection than average, but still concerned about data being sold

| 29%

were ‘Concerned’ – generally feel in control of their data but uncomfortable about how data may be used and what inferences may be made about them

| 23%

were ‘Anxious’ – more likely to feel out of control of their data and uncomfortable about how data about them could be used

Source: Control, Alt or Delete? The future of consumer data, Which?, June 2018

Off-the-shelf privacy by design qualifications

Certified Privacy by Design Foundation qualification

Certified Privacy by Design Practitioner qualification

Certificate in Privacy Essentials for Marketers qualification

Bespoke in-house privacy by design training

We are experienced in delivering bespoke solutions to help integrate privacy by design into organisations. We have developed bespoke in-house privacy by design courses for face-to-face delivery in clients’ offices around the world; for Live Online presentation; and as an interactive multimedia experience combining interactive elearning modules with Live Online instructor-led group work.

Tailor your training

Our in-house privacy by design training courses can be tailored to your organisation and projects. We typically cover:

  • The reasons data protection is important;
  • Privacy requirements associated with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other key laws;
  • The seven key concepts of privacy by design;
  • How teams such as marketing, HR, finance, development, privacy and legal contribute to privacy by design;
  • How privacy by design tools and techniques improve project outcomes;
  • DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) and screening questionnaires;
  • How to incorporate privacy within the project lifecycle; and
  • Breaches and incidents.
Bespoke Consultancy Solutions

What comes next?

After your training course, our consultants can work with your project teams to ensure they are effectively incorporating the learning into their projects. We can provide practical hands-on support, subject matter expertise for project teams, and project assurance.

You may also wish to consider an ongoing refresher training programme to remind your teams of their responsibilities and train them on any policy and practice updates.

Privacy by Design Bespoke Solutions

Make it your own

We can work with you to tailor your course to your organisation. Options include:

  • Including your policies and procedures in the training content;
  • Incorporating your brand assets;
  • Aligning the tone of your course to your internal culture, vision and values;
  • Working with real projects;
  • Addressing specific challenges you may be facing;
  • Choosing a delivery method that suits your team; and
  • Building different training programmes for different roles, such as developers, project managers, project teams and senior leadership.

Privacy by design consultancy support

Our consultants can provide ongoing privacy by design support, or help you through specific projects by working with your team for an extended period. We can support you with any of the following:

  • Writing policies and procedures to ensure privacy is considered for process revisions and new projects.
  • Advising on how to incorporate privacy by design into the culture of your organisation.
  • Working on specific projects to ensure all privacy concerns are addressed.
  • Educating project management staff on how to consider privacy by design in all future projects.
  • Project managing the development of training for all levels of staff including upper management.
Privacy by design consultancy support

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