Microsoft Copilot stands to be a valuable asset for organisations looking to increase productivity in certain departments. We support organisations looking to integrate Microsoft Copilot to ensure they make the most of its capabilities without affecting their data protection compliance.

Data protection guidance for integrating Microsoft Copilot

Make the most of Microsoft Copilot’s capabilities without compromising data protection

Delivered by qualified data protection experts with experience in AI

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Delivered by experienced data protection consultants with experience in AI integration.

Our consultants will work with your technical team to ensure appropriate zero-trust privileges are in place.

Our consultants will create or review the documentation required to reflect how Microsoft Copilot will use, process, store and access data throughout your organisation.

Our consultants will conduct or review risk assessments for Microsoft Copilot and advise on mitigating any risks identified.


Your integration process is in safe hands – take the guesswork away and get it right first time.

Ensure data protection is considered from the start of Microsoft Copilot integration.

Create a solid data protection foundation from which Microsoft Copilot will be managed, and ensure it fits within your PIMS (personal information management system).

Ensure risks associated with integrating Microsoft Copilot have been identified and managed.

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Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks

Head of Consultancy

Louise manages our consultancy team and owns the development and delivery of our consultancy services. Her experience as a qualified lawyer and data protection officer has given her extensive background knowledge of many industries.

Mark James

Mark James

Data Protection Consultant

Mark owns the AI and data protection services, ensuring we offer our customers an in-depth service with actionable results. His history as a consultant, trainer and data protection officer and recent interest in AI make him the perfect candidate for developing and delivering AI-related services.

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