DQM GRC specialises in designing bespoke engagements to meet your needs.

We can work with you to scope, define, design and deliver any data protection, process assurance or data capability-related project you need supported.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will find a way to help.

Our bespoke consultancy solutions are designed for each individual client, drawing on all the skills and experience available to us. We can also identify and work with third parties for complex engagements.

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How bespoke consultancy services work

DQM GRC consultants are experienced in working in all areas of data protection implementation and can apply best-practice knowledge to your business. Previous consultancy projects have included:

  • Data retention business strategy, reviews and policy implementation;
  • Data mapping of data collection activities and set-up of Article 30 records;
  • DPIA (data protection impact assessment) process creation and completion of assessments;
  • Implementation of our group (GRC International Group) software;
  • Third-party due diligence reviews;
  • Policy and documentation reviews;
  • Review or creation of breach policies and processes; and
  • Implementation of new policies and procedures with practical assistance and training workshops.

Our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and design a project to meet them. This process can be broken down into four steps:


Understand your requirements

The process typically begins with an initial call where we discuss your requirements and consider the work that may be involved.


Follow-up meeting

The initial call is usually followed by a more detailed scoping process to define the work required, timescales and the success criteria.



We will present you with a detailed proposal setting out our planned project methodology, costs and timings for you to review and refine.


Agree a start date

Once you have approved the proposal, we will agree a start date and allocate your consultant or consultancy team.

We aim to maintain consistency of delivery throughout the project and, barring exceptional circumstances, you can expect that the team you work with will be the team identified in the proposal.

What our customers say

"Comic Relief has been supported by DQM GRC with a variety of GDPR initiatives. Most recently they ran a workshop to help us with our data mapping and Article 30 compliance and the software tools that could support this, as well as a breach response workshop which the team found valuable and engaging. I have already recommended their services to colleagues in the not-for-profit sector many times."

Client Review
Liz Curry Business Planning and Process Manager, Comic Relief
Bespoke consultancy solutions

Service benefits

  • Expert assistance completely tailored to your needs.
  • Access to a wealth of experienced consultants with varied specialisms.
  • Help with all aspects of data protection, compliance and data management.

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