Through our partners, DQM GRC can offer a robust and diverse range of elearning courses to meet the training needs of organisations across various sectors.

Our extensive library of engaging and informative staff awareness elearning courses covers topics such as cyber security awareness, data protection essentials, workplace diversity, and health and safety. The suite caters to the evolving requirements of modern workplaces, both home and office based.

The courses will ensure that employees receive up-to-date and relevant training aligned with industry standards and regulatory guidelines. All training is delivered through a user-friendly interface, and is flexible and accessible, allowing employees to complete the courses at their own pace to enhance engagement and knowledge retention.

By implementing this staff awareness training, organisations establish a culture of continual learning. Employees are empowered to stayup to date, make informed decisions, and contribute to a safe, compliant and productive working environment. The broad range of courses we offer address diverse training needs, improve organisational performance, mitigate risks, and foster a culture of development and learning.

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