We support our customers with data protection assurance, offering them the ability to ensure their processes are working as they should, and provide evidence of data ownership and breach tracking through data seeding.

We also offer data protection audits using our experienced team of auditors to assess your organisation or your suppliers for data protection compliance.

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Data seeding solutions

How would you know if your data was stolen or misused?

Data seeding can help reduce the risk of data loss by letting you track your data sets and warning you if they are misused or offered for sale by cyber criminals.

Our data seeding team will work with you to design a data seeding programme tailored to your needs and requirements.


Data Quality Assurance Service

We can assess the quality of your database through physical visits, and data analysis and comparison, ensuring accuracy, coverage, completeness and timeliness.


Process Assurance

How do you assure your leadership team that your processes are working as intended?

The GDPR makes organisations accountable for ensuring that their controls are effective and their processes work as intended to protect personal data.

DQM GRC’s process assurance services allow organisations to track end-to-end user journeys to test that controls work as intended.


CCTV Audit for Data Protection

We offer a thorough review of your existing CCTV use to measure compliance against the GDPR and Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2018. We will provide a full report of your compliance position and an action plan should any remediation be required.


Data Licence Audit

We offer data brokers the ability to track the use of data supplied to their customers, allowing them to ensure the data is only used within the terms of the contract.


Data Supplier Audit

Do you know whether the data you’re buying is correctly permissioned?

By law, you are responsible for ensuring that there is a valid lawful basis for you to receive and use the data you acquire. Our auditors will assess a variety of issues and can work with you and your data brokers to address any issues we may uncover.


Membership Audit

Organisations that run membership programmes relating to industry best practice are often seen as advocating for their members. To ensure member organisations are adopting best practice and expected standards within your industry, we recommend carrying out membership audits to ensure your organisation maintains its reputation.


Technical and Organisational Measures Audit

How do you assure your leadership team that your technical and organisational measures are appropriate?

Our skilled and experienced auditors will review your technical and organisational measures against our proprietary audit framework derived from relevant international standards to assure you that your controls are appropriate.


Supply Chain Audit Service

Under the GDPR, you are required to ensure the suppliers you use are treating your data as required by your contract and the Regulation. Our Supply Chain Audit Service takes the legwork out of lengthy supplier audits, allowing us to manage the audit programme, timeline, auditing and reporting.