White paper | Privacy by design

White paper | GDPR and PECR – A guide for marketers

As data privacy regulation continues to evolve, it’s crucial to understand how legislation like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can impact organisations that process personal data. Many believe that the GDPR affects only organisations located within the European Union (EU), but the fact is that many companies located outside of the EU that process personal data are in scope.

Processing the data of EU data subjects is controlled by the law – and the penalties for non-compliance can be high.

This free white paper draws on the practical knowledge of data protection and privacy law from our consultants, offering you pragmatic advice for your compliance journey.

In this paper, we cover:

  • An introduction to the GDPR, how it stands post-Brexit, and a summary of its impact on UK business;
  • The nine pillar plan – DQM GRC’s way of examining an organisation’s GDPR compliance position and creating a plan to improve it; and
  • How creating a GDPR ‘readiness pack’ could improve your likelihood of winning future business.