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The right to be forgotten

Taxi firm fined heavily under GDPR for data retention

by Peter Galdies / 01 Apr, 2019
GDPR data retention rules have claimed their first victim with a taxi firm being fined £140,000 for the unlawful retention of trip details.

The Labour Party reminds MPs about GDPR obligations

by Peter Galdies / 01 Mar, 2019

The Labour Party has sent a reminder to MPs about its GDPR obligations attempted access personal data by unuathorised users.

Data Protection Day 2019

January 28th - Data Protection Day

by Peter Galdies / 28 Jan, 2019
Data Protection Day was launched by the Council of Europe in 2006 and is now celebrated globally every year on the 28th of January. Business has its part to play too...
Third Party Data Flows

6 Steps for Managing the GDPR Third-Party Threat

by Peter Galdies / 14 Jan, 2019

Third party processors are intrinsic to most businesses operations. This article discusses a 6 step process for managing the GDPR privacy risks they represent.

GDPR and Brexit

GDPR and the Draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

by Peter Galdies / 22 Nov, 2018

The Draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement was published on the 14th November. So how will this much-discussed 500+ page text change how the UK approaches data protection and GDPR?

eprivacy regulation

GDPR and ePrivacy eat ad-tech’s lunch?

by Peter Galdies / 01 Jun, 2018

The ePrivacy regulation is going to follow after GDPR and will present an equally big challenge for many in the ad-tech space.

Is GDPR going to be opt-in consent?

by Peter Galdies / 07 Dec, 2016

Consent is a complex issue – for a start it’s only one of several legal reasons for processing (necessity, compliance and legitimate interests of the controller being others)...

Brexit statement: What happens next for Privacy & GDPR?

by Peter Galdies / 24 Jun, 2016

The long term impact of the UK's referendum decision to "Brexit" on the legislative framework for privacy is unlikely to be hugely significant.