GDPR & Privacy Training

How can I get our organisation to understand about GDPR and Privacy?

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GDPR & Privacy Training

Bespoke, Focussed Training

It's never one box fits all - we work to understand your existing team strengths and ensure our training delivers benefit where it's needed

E-Learning Modules

Modern, fun, multi-platform, sensibly paced and sensibly priced. All the characteristics you need from an e-learning programme

Face-to-Face Workshops

Sometimes face-to-face team development just makes sense - we use this time carefully to make sure your whole team benefits quickly and develops together.

Delivered by Experts

Our uniquely skilled data professionals really understand privacy, the GDPR, data security and just how data works in modern organisations

Comprehensive Reporting

Tracking by individual, time an individual, download certificates and many other options are available.

Works alongside GDPR Radar

Our GDPR Radar service helps identify your current strengths and weaknesses and allows our training programmes to be fully optimised as a result.

Product Detail

From hands-on e-learning through to one-to-one coaching and workshops, DQM GRC can provide all you need to make your GDPR or Privacy compliance programme a real success.

Our unique training programmes are developed specifically to cover all aspects of GDPR and Data Protection compliance and are led by our trusted experts who can advise on best practice through their unique experience of data in organisations.

Using our "results first" collaborative approach, we will work with you to understand your current in-house capabilities and optimise training to develop awareness and skills in the most effective way.

Not only can we provide access to e-learning and direct face-to-face training but we also understand how to measure and record the success of the training allowing you to be able to demonstrate your critical focus in this area..

Find out how you can quickly build bespoke GDPR and privacy training programmes for your organisation and call our sales team on 0870 242 7788 or e-mail

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