Third Party GDPR Assessments

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Third party processors can be your biggest data risk.

Most organisations rely on a wide network of third parties in their day-to-day operation. Many of these third-party suppliers may handle or process personal information (i.e. marketing agencies, database companies and many others). Some may even supply data as part of your sales and marketing process.

It’s no surprise that many of the high-profile data breaches over the recent months have been caused by third-party processors.

GDPR requires that you only use processors or data suppliers that meet or exceed GDPR standards and that you must be able to demonstrate that you have assured yourself of this compliance. Most organisations have tried to become accountable by implementing stronger contracts (or data processing agreements) and by getting standard risk assessment questionnaires completed.

But do these controls give you the assurance you need?

What happens if the contracts get rejected or the questionnaires come back with incomplete or unsatisfactory answers?

Our GDPR 3D™ Third Party Assessments give you the assurance you need to reduce your risk from your third-party processors.

Our experienced assessment team visits your “higher risk” data processors and undertakes a thorough assessment across these three dimensions:

  • Dimension 1 - Adherence to your data processing contract
  • Dimension 2 – Critical generic data security controls
  • Dimension 3 - GDPR Regulations regarding to Third Party Processors

We create a report that considers all 3 dimensions and highlights your real risks. We then recommend strategies for improvement, so you can lessen any potential impact immediately.

The service can periodically revisit and inspect each supplier to ensure that compliance isn’t just a “one-time deal” giving you the knowledge you need to operate with confidence.

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