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DPO-as-a-Service: Share our skill and meet your obligations

Many organisations are required by the GDPR to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Future thinking organisations are choosing to appoint a DPO, even when optional, to help regulate their privacy and build a stronger foundation of trust with their customers.

The complex tasks required of the Data Protection Officer are set out clearly in the GDPR and consequently the DPO must be appointed on the basis of relevant experience and data privacy knowledge. This has created a huge demand for such individuals ensuring that good resources are now very hard to find and require considerable investment.

DPO-as-a-Service from DQM GRC aims to support those organisations that might otherwise find gaining this knowledge and driving the change they need hard to accomplish.

The GDPR allows for organisations to appoint an external Data Protection Officer based on a service contract - this means that we can provide access to our team of highly experienced data professional consultants who can act on your behalf as your DPO, all backed by the best technology, management experience and legal advisors.

We shape DPO-as-a-Service for your organisation to help you meet the GDPR's mandatory requirements:

Inform and advise the Customer of its legal obligations regarding data protection

  • Initial briefings with senior management
  • Identification and creation of suitable working parties
  • Regular informed update sessions
  • News and updates as the legislation changes

Monitor compliance with GDPR and with data protection policies and processes and provide any related staff training;

  • Initial DPO standard compliance assessment
  • Periodic re-assessments with reporting on progress and risk
  • Specific remediation advice and training as identified
  • Access to interactive dashboards
  • Toolkit of templated documentation
  • Managing and monitoring the processes for Data subject rights requests  

Provide advice on the data impact assessment, as requested, and monitor its performance;

  • Infrastructure for the management of DPIA's
  • Monitoring of risks identified
  • Advice for remediation
  • Periodic re-assessment as required

Co-operate with, and be a point of contact for, the ICO;

  • Complex DPIA requests
  • Data subject complaints
  • Working with ICO audits or inspections

Have regard to the risk associated with processing operations;

  • Design and organisation of “records of processing” as required by article 30
  • Access and maintenance of the Data Privacy Risk Register
  • Reporting and managing of identified risks

Along with fulfilling the above tasks DPO-as-a-Service includes;

  • Full on-line access to your GDPR documentation via best-of-breed compliance technology (if required)
  • Access to a full library of templated documentation and processes all designed to speed up implementation
  • A nominated senior consultant backed up by the wider team that can be called upon when required
  • Regular, scheduled, on-site visits
  • Telephone and e-mail support with rapid response
  • Experience of all sectors and organisation sizes

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