ISO 27701: The new standard for Privacy Information Management

ISO 27701 is the new international management standard for data protection.

It is set to become the global “gold standard” for privacy management, and will enable organisations to demonstrate compliance with all applicable privacy regulations including the GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act.

ISO 27701 is a new companion standard for its similarly named partner, the famous ISO 27001 – the globally recognised “five-star” standard for information security.

Organisations that have already been certified to ISO 27001 will be able to extend this into ISO 27701. If your organisation does not currently have a suitable ISO 27001 certification it will be possible (and optimal) to work towards both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 simultaneously.

Why should you get certified to ISO 27701?

ISO 27701 will be the new benchmark for how organisations manage and protect data.

It will become one of the deciding factors for both procurement teams and customers when it comes to selecting their suppliers - organisations that have this certification will be viewed far more favourably.

So, any company looking to get certified sooner rather than later will have a very attractive competitive advantage.

Our 4-step assessment process for ISO 27701

  1. Analysis: A typical assessment will start by conducting a gap analysis which highlights everything your organisation will need to either change or update in order to achieve certification success.

  2. Action Plan: From this, we can generate a straightforward action plan that details every step of what needs to happen in order to get your organisation to where it needs to be. You can choose to employ DQM GRC’s support for any stage of the ISO 27701 compliance roadmap, or to utilise your own resources instead.

  3. Pre-Assessment: At an agreed date, we’ll then conduct an ISO 27701 readiness assessment which aligns with the certification exercise. This will give you a strong indication of whether your organisation is ready for the ISO 27701 assessment from a certified body, and will flag any issues that could potentially stop your organisation from achieving the certification.

  4. Fix: We can then work with you to modify those issues and prepare you for your certification visit.

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