Privacy, Data Protection and Data Use Training

Training staff is key in proving your company has ‘appropriate organisational and technical measures’ in place to manage data protection and privacy risks.

Employees from every corner of your organisation need to be aware of their responsibilities in mitigating these risks. Often, training needs to deliver real changes in individuals’ behaviour, and finding a provider who can ensure long-term, tangible results is challenging.

Our approach is rooted in experiential training methodologies, adapted to meet the needs of adult learners in a business context. We make training interactive, practical and fun – ingraining knowledge and experience that can transform an individual’s performance permanently, providing your organisation with a long-term solution and real change.

Our training courses include:

  • Covers the fundamentals of data protection and is suitable for anyone in the organisation
  • (e-Learning)
  • Covers the principles and practice of building data protection into new and existing products
  • There is also the option of adding an extra day with our role-specific extension courses for critical teams such as senior management, developers, marketing, finance and data protection
  • (2-3 days. Face-to-Face)
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  • This course teaches all team members how to recognise cyber threats and respond appropriately  
  • (Face-to-Face & e-Learning options available)
  • Covers the key laws that apply to marketers using data (GDPR, PECR and the CAP Code), including practical sessions on how to make compliant choices that improve the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • (1 day. Face-to-Face)
  • We can develop bespoke face-to-face and e-Learning programmes designed to meet the needs of your business, incorporating your own policies, procedures and regulatory environment. They can also be designed to reflect and amplify organisational vision, values and to embed a data protection culture.
  • Through our sister company IT Governance, we offer a range of industry-recognised qualifications relevant to data protection including GDPR, Information Security, Incident Response Management, Business Continuity Management and Risk Management.

What our clients say

We have delivered training courses to organisations of all sizes from multinational content providers to local property management companies. Our feedback is excellent:

  • 100% of participants on our Data Protection by Design course said it was relevant and would lead them to think differently about their work

  • Our Cybersecurity Phishing training workshop saw an uplift in phishing emails reported and a reduction in the number of suspicious links clicked


Our approach to training

We have developed a training methodology rooted in Kolb & Kolb’s experiential education model. We uncover what our learners already know, reframe their experiences so they understand the theories and specific information we’re teaching, and then help them align the practical implications of their new knowledge in their day-to-day roles.

This five-step approach works as follows:


We introduce the topic and set the scene for the session.


Learners take part in an individual or group activity that will enable them to experience the issue we are exploring. This builds up the soft skills that will enable them to translate the theory into practice for their day-to-day work. These experiences are designed to be fun and kinetic, using props and games to encourage learners to move and interact - keeping them engaged and energised throughout the training.


Having explored the issue, we then introduce the new information that builds on what learners already know, and helps them to reflect on the experience they have just shared.


A facilitated discussion helps learners reorganise their thinking to accommodate the new information,


The discussion concludes with what will need to change in their current processes, policies and working practices.

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