GDPR Assessment - Your data protection gap analysis.

GDPR RADARtm Pinpoint your GDPR compliance with our gap analysis assessment

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GDPR RADARtm Pinpoint your GDPR compliance with our gap analysis assessment

Given the complex and ever-evolving ways organisations use and manage data over time, your business may have become unintentionally non-compliant and vulnerable in the constantly developing data regulation landscape.

Our GDPR RADARtm is a data protection gap analysis assessment which informs you of your organisation's current data protection compliance based on the same criteria used in an ICO audit.

This gap analysis will enable you to see where your GDPR processes need to improve and provide a bespoke action plan to help get your organisation where it needs to be to lower your data protection risk.

Depending on your organisation’s needs, this data protection assessment can include the GDPR, the CCPA and the forthcoming (EU) ePrivacy legislation. We will highlight your strengths, areas for improvement and even help you to implement our compliance recommendations if required.

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Our gap analysis will assess your data protection processes against the ICO’s criteria

This unique GDPR assessment service provides a detailed report which highlights your strongest and most vulnerable areas. It covers everything that is typically checked during an ICO audit.

You will get an immediate GDPR compliance action plan

This data protection solution prioritises the highest risk areas that need to be addressed to ensure you can demonstrate continued compliance and adhere to industry best practice.

GDPR Radartm can be customised to examine not just the GDPR (or DPA 2018) but also CCPA, ePrivacy and others as required.

Once assessed we can help you work towards gaining standards such as ISO27701, Cyber Essentials, DataSeal, Fair Data, and future "Privacy Seal" standards.

Our complliance consultants can help close your organisation's compliance gaps

Reduce the risk of being the next headline for a data disaster and heavy fines. Your customer’s data will be much less vulnerable to attack, theft or loss, and you can be sure you have the correct marketing permissions in place and an audit trail for all forms of communication.

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