GDPR Assure

The fastest way to embed privacy in your organisation


GDPR issues can arise anywhere in your business

How will you quickly identify and manage these risks?

How will your team flag a GDPR issue before it becomes a crisis?

How will you show how seriously you take GDPR compliance?

GDPR Assure makes it easy for anyone in your organisation to refer a data privacy issue to your privacy team. It takes 2 seconds. And the experts can then manage all the issues in one place.

GDPR Assure end-to-end management and tracking ensures that all issues raised are captured, and that every issue’s lifecycle is recorded in full.

All simply and easily managed from within your existing e-mail application.

Catch and manage GDPR issues fast, anywhere they appear. To find out more just how easy it is to get GDPR Assured contact us today.


Intuitive and easy to use

Works the way your team will understand, all driven by a simple button in your email client.

Simple to install

Just make the e-mail client add-in available to the organisation through active directory. The install takes care of itself.


Visible every time someone uses their e-mail GDPR Assure makes privacy part of the every day working experience.

Reduces Risk

Reduces the chance that data subject rights requests will be missed or ignored across the organisation

Centralised Management

A full management interface for your privacy team enables reporting and workflow management for every data subject request

Demonstable Accountability

Using the tool clearly shows your commitment to compliance across the organisation to regulators - helping mitigate the consequences of a data breach

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