Data Strategy Consulting

How do we accelerate our transformation to becoming data-driven?

Data Strategy Consulting

Clarity on how data will support the business

Data is a valuable business asset. However, a data strategy must support the marketing strategy. Our team help you understand what data is necessary to ensure this, where it is, its quality, accuracy and availability for insight and analysis as well as its permissions and security

Document the key data streams

We can help review and document all the component parts of any data change programme from executive sponsorship, data organisation, ownership, data quality and compliance to name but a few

Ensure overall Data Governance

We can structure an overall Governance Programme to ensure the strategy is being followed and key personnel are involved and trained in the key processes

Drive improvements in Data Maturity

Following our tried and tested approach to implementing the data strategy your company can progress along the Data Capability and Maturity curve – so you can become more data driven.

Product Detail

Too often companies embark on a data programme without being clear how improvements will benefit the organisation. DQM GRC has developed a structured approach to researching and then documenting a company’s data strategy – usually following the completion of a Data Capability and Maturity Review.

We have a pragmatic approach to documenting the best approach to ensure the strategy is understood and key work streams are owned and managed. Key work streams include resourcing, and organisational structure, data stewards, data asset management and data quality, regulatory compliance and security, models, technology, insight and analysis, and measurement.

The importance and scale of these component parts often means that they they are unlikely to be tackled at once -  So we have developed a triage approach which identifies those components that are the most critical and that must be addressed first.

Skilled Consultants

Our team of experts can support you through the implementation of your strategy – using tried and tested techniques gained from over 25 years in the data industry.

Faster business transformation

Our support for developing your strategy and structuring the key work streams enables you to  transform your business more quickly through the more effective use of your organisations' important data assets

Sound Data Governance

Enables formal accountability for effective control and use of data assets and a vehicle for identifying, managing and resolving data related issues

What our clients say:

“Once we had completed our initial Data Capability and Maturity assessment we worked with DQM GRC to develop a set of key work streams that would enable us to become more data driven. Data is now considered one of the core strategic enablers for the business and we continue to use DQM GRC to support our improvement and transformation programme”

David Hutcheson, Head of Data, British Medical Journal

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