Secure Data Distribution Hub

Secure, tracked and automated - the smart data distribution platform.

Full Governance Database

Immediately records every transfer of data in an easy to use database so that any subject access requests can be handled and resolved quickly plus recalled from third party managers if required

Improves Security

Encrypts and ensures the secure transfer of data in real time – multiple protocols supported.

Unequivocal Proof

Adds in real time unique identifiers ‒ watermarks ‒ into every extract so all subsequent use or misuse will be identified quickly and prevented

Increased Compliance

Helps meet the Information Commissioners’ need for organisations to comply with the current Data Protection legislation and helping you meet compliance with new EU GDPR legislation giving data subjects the right to erasure – even once downstream

3rd Party Management

Allows better and faster monitoring of your “downstream” data processors or customers – audit trails of data downloads and unique watermarking per recipient help you understand how they utilise your data

Fully automated

The transfer and seeding is fully automated and very fast - saving time and effort on expensive manual processes

Product Detail

The Secure Data Distribution Hub for DQM GRC supports the strong need for secure, rigorous data governance with the management & distribution of data.

Cybercrime, staff negligence, new EU data protection regulation, poor quality data and consumer concerns around privacy & trust are exposing organisations to significant data risks. Many organisations such as TalkTalk, M&S, Sony and Vodafone are suffering data disasters:

  • According to the latest research from Ponemon and IBM, 1 in 3 retail organisations will suffer a major data breach over the next 24 months. The average for all types of business is 1 in 5. The cost to rectify data breaches can be substantial.
  • New EU Data Regulation will place much greater demands on organisations and expose them to fines of up to 5% of global revenues. Brand damage from breaches can be even more significant.
  • Doing data well and using it effectively is extremely difficult.

For organisations that need to transfer and share data on a regular basis with third parties, operating businesses, branches and franchises there are massive challenges around security. They need to understand who has their data and how it is being used.

To achieve this best practice dictates organisations should insert unique identifiers or ʻwatermarksʼ enabling the data owner to be alerted if the worst should happen and consequently identify the source and any further misuse.

The Platform adds unique watermarks, encrypts, securely transfers and importantly logs a builds a full audit trail,  at the individual record level, all data transfers. This gives organisations a much stronger ability ability to govern data both upstream and downstream beyond the normal organisational boundries.

Case Study

Top 3 Commercial Data Owner Implements World Class Data Governance Platform

A major UK commercial data owner manages some of the UKʼs most important commercial databases. The data sets are supplied to numerous third party data processors and developers who rely on the data for a range of important business applications.

Since 2005 the company has been using data protection specialist DQM GRC to provide unique identifiers or ʻwatermarksʼ to put into its data extracts and support subsequent audit activity (again carried out by DQM GRC auditors) to identify any misuse. The activity has proven extremely successful in ensuring all royalties are paid and identifying misuse by third parties. However, as the databases have grown and the number of third parties increased the task of effective management became too challenging.

In 2011 DQM GRC recommended its automated Data Governance Platform to the organisation to manage the secure distribution of all its data feeds. The automated DQM GRC Governance Platform has proven extremely effective. It adds the unique watermarks into every extract in real time and records all data that has been supplied to the data partners.

Very importantly with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation about to be introduced the system retains records for subject access requests as well as monitoring compliance to any commercial data usage terms.

In addition to supporting the prompt and accurate payment of all royalties and providing strong protection in the worst case event of any data breach at one of its resellers, the DQM GRC Data Governance Platform will ensure the company can quickly identify where any record has been sent, so it can quickly and easily take action as required. This capability places it at the forefront of data protection best practise which will be extremely reassuring to regulators and its customers alike.

The DQM GRC Data Governance Platform has already recorded over 100 million transactions for this one client alone giving them complete control of its important data governance management and distribution process ‒ past and present.

 “Protecting our data assets and commercial revenues needed to fund their development is paramount to us. The DQM Data Governance Platform has proved an invaluable foundation on which we have built a comprehensive data and revenue protection capability.  We strongly recommend it to other data owners who want an effective solution and peace of mind”.

MD, Client. (Direct reference available on request)

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