The Consent & Permission Management Platform

The Preference Centre is a secure, cloud-based application that allows for enterprise wide collation and management of consumer consent and preference across multiple channels and brands, integrating easily with existing in-house and third party systems. The system has been designed from the ground up to allow your customers and prospects direct access to their preferences, putting themselves in control over the communications they have with you.

Both the GDPR & forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation insist that organisations be accountable for their compliance - and in particular with consent.

GDPR Article 7
"Where processing is based on consent, the controller shall be able to demonstrate that the data subject has consented to the processing of his or her personal data.”

Can your business answer these questions?

  • When did they give consent?
  • What exactly did you gain consent for?
  • How did they give consent?
  • How easily can they change their mind?
  • Do you have a complete history by individual?
  • Under GDPR consent will not last forever so do you know when your consent will expire?

Getting consent wrong can incur the highest penalties under GDPR - and more importantly unhappy customers.

Managing consent under these new rules is not easy and brings a new data management problem all of its own:

Consent not optimised

No easy way to centrally manage and measure consent wording to optimise opt-in rates

Consent not granular or specific

New rules mean more and specific consent with existing systems unsuitable

Poor consent audit trail

Many existing systems do not retain the history and exact wording of consent gained

Lack of a single identity view

Use of multiple systems and legacy systems across the organisation with no single view

High cost of change

Changing all your current and incompatible systems to incorporate the required new functionality will take time and money

Features & Benefits

  • Single view of consent across all channels and platforms
  • Fully integrated customer preference centre
  • Dynamic presentation of approved statements across your platforms
  • Central management, A/B testing and reporting on all statements
  • Integration with exisitng systems via File, API and Javascript widgets
  • Extremely secure cloud based platform
  • Straightforward implimentation and ongoing support

Delivering an automated, world class GDPR capability

The Preference Centre is just one component of our fast, affordable, scalable & secure data governance platform

The rigour demanded by the GDPR and the sheer volume of data created every day by organisations across multiple channels demands a powerful technical capability to underpin an effective, truly compliant and automated GDPR capability.

Our GDPR consulting and audit services are enhanced with arguably the most comprehensive and effective suite of technology solutions available today, which together dovetail into an integrated GDPR data governance platform.

The DQM GRC GDPR Data Governance Platform™ combines our own proprietary technology along with proven technology from leading vendors. Each component is cloud based with open API’s so that they will easily connect and work with whatever systems you use.

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