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Data Compliance Services from DQM GRC

GDPR Assessment Programme

The GDPR RADAR™ from DQM GRC will score your current fitness against the new regulation, understand where you need to improve and set a bespoke programme to get your organisation to where you need to be.

GDPR & Privacy Training

GDPR & Privacy Training from DQM GRC will help rapidly transform your organisation towards GDPR and privacy compliance.

Contractual & Royalty Auditing

Mis-licensing in the “data owner” industry is wide-spread and the revenue loss to the data owner can be significant. That’s why over 80% of the UK’s leading commercial data owners trust us to independently audit their partner compliance.

Data Protection Risk Assessment

The DQM GRC Data Protection and Security assessment (RadarTM) is the fastest, most complete and efficient way to assess and then fix your data compliance, data privacy and data security risks.

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