Commercial Data Seeding

Commercial Seeding from DQM GRC

Identify Data Loss

The service can quickly identify unexpected use of your data - allowing you to get on top of a data loss as early as possible

Proof of Ownership

Every seed (or data watermark) we generate is unique - giving you 100% confidence in our evidence of mis-use

Deter Data Theft

Giving staff and third parties the knowledge that you have protected your data can lead to less mis-use

Monitor 3rd Party Use

Watermarking allows you to keep an eye on your data - even beyond your organisation's direct control

Product Detail

Aimed at commercial data owners, our unique data seeding service has been used successfully over the last 20 years to track the usage of valuable data assets on behalf of their owners.

We provide unique seed records for you to add to your data supplies and we then monitor how your data is being used by your partners, resellers or direct end clients. The service works for e-mail, physical mail, landlines and mobiles building a detailed picture of the real use of your data.

Our unique service will provide unequivocal evidence of use should you need it. The robust evidence chain has been used effectively in court but more often acts as sufficient proof itself - enabling you to recover the revenue owed or change the terms of your agreement with complete confidence.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our experienced team will listen to your needs and quickly create the right watermarking service for you. Even urgent requests can be accommodated quickly.

Real & Unique

Every one of the millions of seeds we have created is unique and fully deliverable. Our reporting is unequivaical and our strong audit trail has been proven time and time again.

Comprehensive Reporting

Not only do you get regular reports listing all the activity on your account but we also notify you quickly of any activity that appears to be unusual or of a nature likely to be of concern.

What our clients say about us:

"The Royal Mail Address Management Unit values the role that DQM plays in providing independent and accurate measurement of the quality of the data in our Postcode Address File. Having an independent set of eyes reporting back to us helps us to refine our processes to enhance the product for our customers."
Ian Evans, Head of AMU Products & Licensing, Royal Mail Address Management Unit

“This decision has been a major success and instrumental in policing the use of our data. We have also found that in some instances we have generated additional revenue through the miss-use or re-licensing of data from our clients, all of which is the result of the comprehensive information that DQM GRC provide. The whole process is made simple and easy by DQM GRC and I would recommend this service to anyone."
Kevin Sharpe, Marketing Director, Data Intelligence

“As a leading performance marketing company with consumer data at our core, it is vital we are 100% compliant with the Data Protection Act and in full control of our data and how it's used. DQM GRC seed all our B2C data sets and their service is imperative to monitoring what our clients are doing with the data and ensuring it is used correctly. We are extremely satisfied with the service and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with DataIQ.”
Adam Seogalutze, Performance Director, Digitalbox

“This [service] has been vital in helping us secure the data that we hold and making sure that our data licenses are not contravened.  We have managed to stop a number of companies misusing the data and in some instances we have reclaimed costs for additional use.  The process itself is very robust and all of the DQM GRC team are very quick to respond to requests. I am very happy with the service and the quality of information that DQM GRC seeding has provided to us.”
Dave Battson, Director, Data HQ

“DQM GRC’s seeding solution provides us with excellent visibility of the usage of our data, and it is an invaluable resource. The insight it provides really helps us to ensure our data is used in the most compliant manner possible. Their account managers are very helpful, addressing any queries quickly and efficiently, and making the whole process run smoothly.”
Joel Russell, Data Activity Co-ordinator, Marketing Source

“We have been working with DQM GRC for five years now and the service they provide is something we consider crucial to our business model. The reporting and flexibility of the team have made for a long and fruitful relationship giving us the insight into the misuse of our most critical asset, our data. More often than not we do not have misuse, but when it crops up we get notified straight away. This gives us the ability to act quickly. DQM GRC have consistently counselled us on the best way to maximise the service for both us and them, giving us the slickest possible methods of operation between the two companies.”
Ryan Thorley, Head of Data & ICT, Communication Avenue

“We wanted to identify exactly how our data was being used by the channel partner, whether they were complying with our terms and conditions and specifically highlight any data misuse and unpaid royalties. The audit enabled us to do this. In addition, we were extremely pleased with the professional, thorough and efficient service delivered by DQM GRC and the quality of its final report both in terms of its important findings and recommendations for us to address the issues raised. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DQM GRC to any data owner wishing to ensure their resellers or licensees are complying with terms and conditions and paying correct royalties”
Zoe Vine, Director of Data Service, The Trading Floor

“DQM GRC has been one of our partners for over 5 years. They are a reliable company to work with who always puts their clients’ needs first, and they do what they say they’ll do, a rare trait these days. Their seeding service is first-class. We receive monthly misuse reports and know that we can confidently pursue clients who are in breach of their licence terms as DQM GRC can provide evidence whenever it’s needed. We recently recovered a sum of £4,100 from a company who had got hold of a copy of one of our client’s files, and had been using it unlawfully.  Without DQM GRC’s seeding service, we would have no method of tracking incidents like this.”
Julie Knight, Managing Director, Market Scan

“DQM GRC is a valuable partner in the protection of our chief asset – our data. Their seeding services provide us with an auditable record of data use and misuse and provide us with the opportunity to optimise and manage data partnerships. I would recommend their services to companies looking to protect their data.”
Will Lowe, Managing Director, Callcredit

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