BreachTrak - Monitor your data

Identify Data Loss

BreachTrak can instantly identify any unexpected uses of your data - allowing you to get on top of data loss as quickly as possible

Proof of Ownership

Every Trakker we generate is unique - giving you 100% confidence in the evidence of misuse

Deter Data Theft

Ensuring that staff and third-parties know you have protected your data can often prevent data breaches or theft

Monitor Third-Party Use

BreachTrak allows you to keep an eye on your data - even when it leaves the building

What is BreachTrak?

BreachTrak enables you to monitor data usage from both employees and third-parties - giving you the ability to keep an eye on your data even when it leaves the building.

It can help organisations of all sizes meet their compliance obligations under the GDPR and other data regulations.

BreachTrak will quickly identify when your data has been misused - and who by - so you can act immediately and minimise your exposure to a damaging GDPR fine and tarnished brand reputation. 

1 in 3 UK retail organisations will incur a damaging data loss over the next 24 months. The average across all businesses is 1 in 5.
(Source: Ponemon Institute research 2014 sponsored by IBM)

A quarter of employees would sell confidential company data and risk both their job and a criminal conviction for just £5,000.
(Source: Clearswift research to 4,000 employees in the UK, Germany, US and Australia)

How does BreachTrak work?

BreachTrak adds unique Trakker records to your databases. These are then monitored to identify any unusual or unexpected use - even when the data has moved beyond your organisation's direct control.

You will have secure access to your own online portal where you can review your Trakkers, set up email alerts to ensure suspicious activities are flagged straight away and download information whenever you need.

BreachTrak is the most comprehensive solution on the market - our service can monitor e-mail, post, landline and mobile telephone call data.

Designed to give you a detailed picture of the real use of your data, this proven and unique service has been developed for over 20 years and provides unequivocal evidence should you need it.

Set up BreachTrak for your business: 

1. Set up your membership account.

2. Decide what data you want to track.

3. Download your unique Trakker records.

4. Add the Trakkers into your database.

The rest is with us.

1. We will monitor how your data is being used via email, phone, SMS and post.

2. Data usage will be logged into your account on a daily basis.

3. You can access this information anytime via your online portal.

4. You can also setup email alerts that instantly flag any unusual activity.


Track Your Data. Detect Breaches. Take Action.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our experienced team will listen to your needs and quickly setup the right BreachTrak service for you.

Real & Unique

Every one of the millions of Trakkers we have created is uniquely identifiable. Our reporting is clear and simple and our strong audit trail has been proven many times.

Comprehensive Reporting

Not only do you get regular reports listing all the activities of your Trakkers - we will also immediately notify you of any suspicious activity so you can act quickly if necessary.

What our clients say:

“The new functionality implemented in conjunction with DQM GRC, allows us to monitor and protect our data both from external and internal breaches and abuse. DQM GRC has helped us to detect emailing anomalies performed by our clients even before our database personnel recognize they´ve happened, increasing the lead time to escalate potential brand issues.”

Alejandro Pereda, Marketing Solutions Manager, Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc
Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc is an international business-to-business information and events group listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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