How do we boost our consent rates at sign up? Are my permission statements compliant?

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Actionable Results

Real intelligence that helps you make the right actionable choices

Improved Permission Rates

The service is designed to improve your permission rates and the revenue potential

Enhanced Compliance

Ensures your permission wording is compliant and future proofed

Gauges Empathy

Captures customer and prospect sentiment and gauges empathy

Permission to market to your customers is not only a legal necessity but also a commercial imperative.

If you are experiencing low consent rates at sign up, your data collection wording is not doing the job. PermissionMax© allows you to test variations so that you can optimise permission rates.

All existing data collection statements tested benefit from a compliance review by data protection specialists Opt-4. We will also provide new wording designed to optimise consent and reflect your brand’s tone of voice.

Our online research panel will provide essential feedback on whether your wording hits the mark and demonstrates clear and compelling reasons to share data. The panel can predict opt-in rates for your brand and engagement by channel. Pre-profiling of the panel to match your existing customer base allows surveys to be finely targeted.

Uniquely, PermissionMax© also allows you to validate results by using our virtual focus groups to add qualitative commentary from your brand’s advocates.

The expert panel curated by DQM GRC will be your “critical friend” commenting on positive and negative aspects of proposed wording and answering your bespoke questions.

Finally, we can get reactions to different creative treatments ‒ including icons - by reproducing the look and feel of your privacy notices also for review by the expert panel.

Replicates Live

Closely replicates live testing by incorporating your brand and profile

Clear Reporting

Clear reporting and panel feedback


Benchmarks consent by channel and type

Qualitative Results

Unique qualitative results from live expert panel

Bespoke Copy

Tests existing wording against bespoke copy from our permission experts

Creative Feedback

Provides feedback on creative execution and user experience

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