Webinar | Brexit and Schrems II: practical implications for UK-EU data transfers

Brexit and Schrems II: UK–EU data transfers


  • Camilla Winlo, Director of Consulting Services, DQM GRC
  • John Potts, Head of DPO, DSAR and Breach Support, GRCI Law Limited

This webinar was recorded before the UK was awarded an adequacy decision by the EU, allowing data to flow freely from the EU to the UK.

The Schrems II ruling and Brexit require UK organisations to reconsider the legal basis for the transfer of personal data to and from the EU.

Join our experts on this webinar to learn about the practical implications for UK–EU data transfers in the light of Schrems II and Brexit.

They discuss:

  • The Schrems II decision regarding transfers of data;
  • The implications for UK and EU data controllers regarding data transfers;
  • The types of data transfers organisations should consider;
  • Data flows and the legal basis for UK–EU data transfers;
  • Practical steps organisations can take now; and
  • What the future holds following Schrems II and Brexit.