Your organisation’s data may be its biggest asset, but do you know how it’s being used? Your business model or processes may require that third-party processors or customers handle your data regularly, which can seem impossible to track. Our Compliance Tracking Services can reassure your stakeholders that the data is being used in accordance with your contracts.

Using the DQM GRC national seeding network, we can track data use to ensure it is used within the constraints of contracts and data protection law.

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What to expect

We will work with you to establish your compliance tracking goals before recommending the best approach. This is likely to include:

  • Inserting synthetic data (false data with real people behind it, also known as seeds) into the database. These can be names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers;
  • Tracking the use of the data through our network of data seeds. There are real people at the end of the data we supply, so we will manually track all usage; and
  • Reporting on the data usage, including whether it has been misused according to your contract or data protection law.

This service has many potential uses, and we can tailor it to suit any organisation. Here are some examples of how we’ve used compliance tracking:

  • To track how third parties use the supplied customer data for a comparision website.
  • For a customer making a large number of deliveries, to ensure the courier delivered fully and on schedule.
  • For a customer relying on cold calls, to test the response from an external sales or customer services team.
  • To ensure compliance with data protection regulations for consent or providing information to data subjects.
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What our customers say

We have worked with DQM since 2012 and we rely on their independence and knowledge to monitor our data governance when working with partners. Using a partner like DQM to investigate and monitor how data is managed allows us to focus on our customers' needs and improve our service.

Client Review
Matt Collinge Data Protection Manager, Moneysupermarket Group
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Service benefits

  • Ensure third-party processors and customers comply with their contracts and data protection law.
  • Reassure stakeholders that company data is adequately tracked for misuse.
  • The potential to reclaim costs for misuse.

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