Data Capability and Strategy

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We can help you deliver strategic data projects. Our commercially-minded consultants will enable you to find compliant approaches that enhance the value of data in your organisation.

GDPR’s purpose is to create a trusted regulatory framework where organisations can use personal data to innovate.

Organisations that unlock their data capabilities achieve their goals, outsmart the competition and gain the trust of their data subjects.

From planning a one-off data project to building a data function, we can support your organisation and ensure you meet your goals with confidence.

These services fall under five categories:

Data Capability Maturity Radar

Our assessment builds on the foundations laid by the Capability Maturity Model Industry, and provides you with an assessment of your organisation’s maturity in respect of:

Data strategy

  • Data governance
  • Data quality
  • Management of personal data
  • Data operations
  • Supporting processes
  • Regulatory requirements

Data Ethics and Strategy

We can help you translate your organisation’s objectives into a strategy that places data at the heart of delivery.

Our consultants will help you create a data ethics framework aligned to your organisation’s mission, vision and values, and then use this to drive a data management and protection culture within your organisation.

We’ll also help you identify and document regulatory, contractual and organisational requirements, relevant local and international standards and industry best practices to create a solid foundation for your strategy’s delivery.

Data Modelling and Design

We can help you select an appropriate data modelling scheme and use this to:

  • Create a common vocabulary around data
  • Document and visualise your organisation’s data, systems and data risk
  • Create mechanisms to support data communications during projects

Big Data and Data Science

We can ensure you have a lawful basis for your Big Data and Data Science activities, including;

  • Ensuring that the data is collected and employed in a lawful manner
  • The Right to be Informed requirements are met
  • Your data retention and erasure policies align with your objectives and obligations

We can also help assess the impact of any changes that may be required as a result of this work on the outputs and activities of your Big Data and Data Science teams, and the risks inherent in their activities.

Data Management Organisation and Role Expectations

We can map your processes, or analyse existing process maps, to help you understand the role of data within your organisation and existing working practices.

We’ll then help identify key priority areas where data management could be improved to advance your organisation’s ability to confidently use data for achieving business objectives.

We can also assist you in writing the business case required to win stakeholder approval so you can deliver the changes in your key priority areas, and support you in implementing your plan.

Data Management and Organisational Change Management

We can help design your target operating model along with the flightpath which delivers it. We’ll use our unique Target Operating Model Scheme which helps deeply embed change within organisations.

Document and Content Management

We can help define, document and improve efficiency in processes relating to the recovery and use of structured and unstructured data, such as Data Subject Access Request management.

We’ll also help you define and document policies and procedures for records management.

We can help you identify and comply with legal obligations and the expectations of interested parties, particularly around the use of personal data.

Metadata Management

We can support you in identifying, documenting and managing organisational vocabulary and data formats. This can help improve efficiency by locating, returning or redacting relevant data in processes such as Subject Access Requests.

We will ensure you use metadata for data lineage and other audit trails so you can evidence compliance with regulations, standards and organisational requirements.

Data Quality

We can help define the standard quality of your data based on regulatory requirements, relevant standards and organisational needs.

We can also audit your data to assess its quality and provide recommendations for improvement.

Data Protection by Design and Default

We’ll help you bake in a data protection mindset from the very beginning of your project. These services include:

  • Training on Data Protection by Design and Default
  • Facilitating and reviewing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Advice and guidance on data protection decisions
  • Data Modelling and Design assessments and algorithmic bias assessments

Data Security

We can help define your data security requirements with reference to the regulatory environment, local and international standards, industry best practice and your organisation’s requirements

We’ll then support you in planning, developing, documenting and executing these policies and procedures.

We can also provide specific data security support including data tracking and auditing, in addition to ISO 27001 implementation, audit and testing through our sister company IT Governance.

Data Architecture

We can assess your organisation’s current data storage and processing environment. We’ll help you identify key strengths and weaknesses, establish a target architecture aligned to your organisational objectives, and create a change management plan to deliver it.

Data Storage and Operations

We can help define your database support requirements in relation to:

  • Obtaining, backing up and erasing data
  • Establishing performance criteria

We can also help define your database technology requirements, create an assessment tool for use during procurement and supplier management, and define and document a mitigation strategy to address any unmet requirements.

Data Integration and Interoperability

We can help you assess and avoid the issues you are likely to face when integrating data from different sources.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

We can help design actionable plans to build, adapt or use your data warehouse and business intelligence systems to deliver your business goals.

We can ensure that you have an appropriate lawful basis for your processing activities, and that regulatory requirements and standards are built into your data collection and Right to be Informed initiatives.

Reference and Master Data

We can help identify organisational data requirements and translate these into actionable plans to ensure the consistency, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of data is maintained as it’s collected, used, stored, modified and erased by the organisation.

We can also help you map, assess, visualise and control your data risk.

Process Mapping and Process Change

We can help map existing processes, design ‘to be’ processes that meet your regulatory and organisational objectives and support you in implementing these changes.

Bespoke Assignments

Our consultants not only have extensive experience in data and analytics, but also have a wide range of skills and expertise in delivering data capability and strategy projects. We can design bespoke engagements to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

Our approach to data capability and strategy

We believe that innovation stems from ‘Confidence in Data’.

This is established by having trust in your ability to make business decisions based on data, and being secure in the knowledge that your processes are compliant and will keep your organisation and its customers safe.

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