Cookie Policy


 Version: 1.1. Issue date: 12/06/2020

 1. Our use of cookies

We have designed our cookie policy with our target audience in mind. We recognise that privacy professionals are often keen to minimise the number of cookies they accept, therefore we have designed our website to work without cookies unless there is a particularly compelling reason to use them. Where we have included cookies, we have selected options that we believe are minimally privacy intrusive including using depersonalised options and minimising the duration for persistent cookies.

We only use cookies that are essential to the operation of the site or to provide a basic level of understanding about how our visitors interact with the site. We do not use third party advertising or social media cookies. We respect “do not track”.

2. What are cookies and why we use them

Cookies are small data text files that are sent from a server computer during a browsing session. Cookies are typically stored on your computer’s hard drive and are used by web sites to simulate a continuous connection to that site. The use of cookies automatically identifies your browser to our computers whenever you interact with our site.

You can disable cookies using your browser options. You should note that if you disable all cookies, including Strictly Necessary cookies, the site may not display as intended on certain devices such as certain mobile phones and Admin users may experience mid-session issues.

For an overview of which cookies we use, see section 4.

 3. Where does this policy apply?

DQM GRC is a part of GRC International Group plc, which has a separate cookie policy applicable to the other members of the group. This policy is applicable to only and you should refer to the GRC International Group plc policy when visiting other websites in our group:

GRC International Group plc

IT Governance Ltd (Singapore)

IT Governance Europe Ltd (EU)

IT Governance Inc (US)

IT Governance Publishing Ltd

GRC e-learning Ltd

GRCI Law Ltd

Vigilant Software Ltd


4. Which cookies are used

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential in order for our site to function.


This is a first party session cookie that is wiped when you finish your session. We use this cookie to confirm whether your browser has JavaScript enabled. If you do not, services using JavaScript will not work and some areas of the site may not display correctly or you may not be able to interact with them. The privacy functionality on the website, including the suppression of cookies, uses JavaScript. Where possible these will default to another mechanism such as HTML5 however if you prevent this cookie from dropping the results may not be predictable.


Analytics cookies

We will only drop these cookies with your consent.

_gid, _gat, _ga

These are first party persistent cookies that will be stored for 7 days. We use Google Analytics to collect depersonalised data about website usage which is really helpful to us, to help us understand how visitors interact with our site so we can make it better. It is difficult to build and maintain a website that works without some analytics cookies, so we have chosen the least privacy intrusive option available on Google and minimised the time period that we store the cookies. This period is aligned to our standard cookie acceptance period of 7 days, after which we ask you to provide consent again.


You can view Google’s privacy policy here:


Functionality cookies

We will only drop these cookies with your consent.



These are first party persistent cookies that will be stored for 7 days. We use these cookies to confirm that you have accepted our cookies. It allows us to recognise your choices and means you do not have to reconfirm them every time you visit our website. The cookies are set to recognise your preferences for 7 days. This means that on your next visit after 7 days you will be asked to accept cookies again.

5. Withdrawing your consent

You can withdraw your consent to our cookies at any time. To do this, after you have accepted cookies, simply click on the blue ‘Privacy Settings’ button at the bottom of the page. This will raise a banner with the option to withdraw your consent.