Whitepaper: Using consent to build loyalty with consumers

Using data consent to build stronger customer relationships

Many organisations have been (and still are) busy over the last few months preparing people, processes and technology for GDPR and perhaps are now feeling out-of-pocket and out of contact with many customers. For consumers the new law has clearly changed the way they view their brand relationships and has increased the importance of getting the data-value exchange right.

Just as GDPR intended, we now see that consumers are exercising their GDPR rights with commercial organisations and, for many individuals, data consent has become an on/off affair. Consumers who chose not to consent may well come back into market and decide to engage again. When they do, however, it will be with a much clearer idea of their rights and how to exercise them. Our latest consent whitepaper describes how to:

  • How to make sure you are ready when former customers get back in contact
  • How to reset the data relationship
  • What can give your brand appeal so consumers start the data-value exchange
  • Ten questions to ask about your data relationship with consumers
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