GDPR and Technology Research

Consumer trends and technology for GDPR research

Our clients know that levels of awareness among consumers about data privacy legislation are growing quickly, accelerated by every data breach or incident that takes place, such as the recent one involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Our clients know that consumer trust in a company’s brand is closely linked to how well they protect and secure customers’ data and are putting in place technology solutions to ensure they can cope.

DQM GRC with DataIQ undertook research to examine how consumers expect their data to be used and whether they intend to exercise their new rights, as well as into what organisations intend to do to bring their data-driven practices into line with GDPR.

This research report examines:

  • How consumers expect their information to be collected across services
  • What technology they use to manage personal information
  • What technology solutions businesses are planning to implement or adapt to support their GDPR programme

This report provides more compelling evidence of the key trends that are taking place among consumers and how businesses are reacting.

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