Data & Information Security Standards


Identify Data Loss

The service can quickly identify unexpected use of your data - allowing you to get on top of a data loss as early as possible

Proof of Ownership

Every seed (or data watermark) we generate is unique - giving you 100% confidence in our evidence of mis-use

Deter Data Theft

Giving staff and third parties the knowledge that you have protected your data can lead to less mis-use

Monitor 3rd Party Use

Watermarking allows you to keep an eye on your data - even beyond your organisation's direct control

Information Security - ISO27001

Product Overview
Data Security is now a board room issue, with the Ponemon Institute predicting that 1 in 3 UK retail organisations will suffer a damaging data loss over the next 24 months. Considerable impact on consumer trust, brand and financial damage can happen to companies who don’t take these predictions seriously.

We can deliver a short, typically 1 day gap analysis against ISO 27001; provide a detailed report of the risks your business is exposed to and provide an action plan to address the gaps – including templates and phone based support to enable you to achieve certification.

We can provide more on site help if this is required.

Once you are ready for your formal Audit, your Assessor will make the required arrangements for you to complete the audit and if approved your certification will be confirmed.

You should be able to achieve certification in 3-6 months.

Key Features

  • Our recommendations and action plan prioritise the highest risk areas and our team can provide template solutions.
  • At the same time as conducting your ISO 27001 gap analysis we can review your likelihood of also achieving other standards such as Cyber Essentials and/or DataSeal (DMA Security Standard)
  • Our team are all highly trained and experienced assessors who can provide practical advice over the phone or on site for whatever time your need, together with a range of additional solutions we’ve developed to prevent and identify Data Loss.
  • Once part of the DataIQ community, we provide free ongoing information and advice to keep you up to date with the latest trends and issues relating to data security


  • Your customer’s data will be much less vulnerable to attack, theft or loss, meaning reputational damage from a data breach is much less likely.
  • Companies who have undergone an ISO 27001 assessment with DataIQ can benefit from discounts of up to 25% on their cyber insurance from QBE Insurance, to cover issues if they arise, such as crisis management, damage to underlying systems from virus injections and notification and fine costs.
  • Security standards can help with winning major tenders.
  • Your staff and 3rd parties will appreciate the value and risks associated with data management.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our experienced team will listen to your needs and quickly create the right watermarking service for you. Even urgent requests can be accomodated quickly.

Real & Unique

Every one of the millions of seeds we have created is unique and fully deliverable. Our reporting is unequivaical and our strong audit trail has been proven time and time again.

Comprehensive Reporting

Not only do you get regular reports listing all the activity on your account but we also notify you quickly of any activity that appears to be unusual or of a nature likely to be of concern.

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