Reassure customers and stakeholders that data protection is a priority. An interim consultant will cover leaves of absence, manage a project or prepare for organisational change.

Our qualified and experienced consultants will work directly with you to provide hands-on support when you need it most. We can:

  • Cover leaves of absence;
  • Provide extra support for busy periods;
  • Prepare for audits, such as before a merger; and
  • Introduce specialised expertise for major projects.
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Interim and seconded consultant services

 What types of projects and roles could we use the consultant for?

DQM GRC consultants are experienced in working in all areas of data protection implementation and can apply best-practice knowledge to your business.

These areas include:

  • Data retention – full business strategy, reviews and policy implementation;
  • Data mapping – data collection and set-up of Article 30 records;
  • Third-party due diligence – implementation of new assessments and reviews of contracts;
  • General data protection support – assistance with day-to-day business operations; and
  • DPO (data protection officer) support.

Many previous customers of this service have been going through periods of change such as mergers, acquisitions, growth or team changes. Our data protection specialists are experienced in preparing organisations for due diligence and data protection audits.

 How will consultants help your organisation?

Where consultancy projects will typically have a defined scope and duration, your interim consultant can support a specific project or simply pick up a business-as-usual workload. By using a DQM GRC consultant, you gain specialist knowledge and reap the benefit of practical best-practice implementation experience. Many of our customers use this service to cover a skills gap in an area they have had trouble recruiting for. 

 Who pays the consultant?

We do. Consultants will remain on DQM GRC’s payroll and subject to our employment terms and conditions (though you may be able to vary these where appropriate), and will carry out the tasks assigned by you.

 How does an interim and seconded consultant work?

Interim and seconded consultants integrate into your team, carry out tasks assigned by you and report directly to you – but without adding to your headcount or requiring a lengthy recruitment process.

 How long are consultants contracted for?

Interim and secondment contracts can last for as long as you need the support – from a few weeks to years. For longer-term projects, we recommend refreshing your consultant at least every two years to ensure you – and they – continue to benefit from wider industry experience. For shorter-term projects, we can provide dedicated consultancy support.

What you can expect

We will work with you to understand the skills, experience and technical knowledge you require, then identify one or more consultants who may be suitable. You can interview the candidates and choose the individual you feel will be the best fit.

Your chosen consultant will report directly to you for the duration of the engagement. You will be responsible for line managing them, with DQM GRC available to support you. If you would like help with assessing the quality of their work, DQM GRC can provide an assurance service. If you need to replace them for any reason (such as to cover a temporary period of absence, or because they have not proven to be a good fit), DQM GRC can find you an alternative resource. Your consultant will be happy to provide training and knowledge transfer to your own team where appropriate.

Towards the end of your interim or secondment contract, you will be offered the opportunity to extend the engagement. If you choose not to do this, your consultant will provide you with handover notes and appropriate training for their successor if required.

Consultancy interview

What our customers say

"The DQM GRC consultancy team were both highly knowledgeable and easy to work with and had the ability to operate at all levels in CRUK. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to work on Data Capability Consultancy assignments."

Client Review
Barry Eaton Head of Data, Cancer Research UK

"Louise continues to be brilliant. She’s been helping with some quite complicated data issues relating to research that has enabled us to move forward with some quite groundbreaking studies. I know you won’t often hear about the positive impact of data protection (hence writing this!), but we now have the confidence to do so much more, and it will literally help to save lives and improve patient outcomes... so thank you!"

Rebecca Kenny Head of Governance and Compliance, Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex
Bespoke consultancy services

Service benefits

  • Reassure customers and stakeholders that your organisation prioritises data protection.
  • Manage periods of change without neglecting data protection.
  • Prevent turnover in your existing team by not increasing their workload.
  • Get support from an expert in their field, chosen to meet your specific needs and requirements.
  • Skip recruitment processes such as advertising, interviewing and job offers.

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