Overcome Staffing Challenges and Rising Costs with an Interim Privacy Consultant

The outlook for UK organisations is increasingly bleak as they face rising costs of essential goods, combined with a sluggish economy and turnover.

According to the Office for National Statistics, organisations are reporting rising costs of staffing, goods and services, while 30% of trading businesses reported a fall in turnover in December 2022 compared with November 2022. Only 13% of those surveyed said their turnover increased, and one in six expected their turnover to decrease in February 2023.

No matter how hard they feel the pinch, organisations should be mindful that investing in data protection and cyber security is vital to become cyber secure, protect against regulatory fines, increase customer confidence and, ultimately, win more business.

Maximise output without full-time commitment

Finding and keeping experienced staff is an ongoing process. It is made increasingly difficult as people request higher salaries to keep up with their own rising expenses and organisations go through hiring freezes to reduce headcount costs. The need to constantly monitor and improve data protection practices can leave an organisation out of its depth and without the experienced staff it requires.

Loss of staff and the changing data protection landscape are two of the most common reasons our customers request an interim or seconded consultant – a readily available, experienced professional who can support or manage a wide range of data privacy projects.

How will an interim consultant benefit you?

  1. Cost-effective: Our consultants can be in place for just a few weeks to years, allowing you to use their expertise without adding to your headcount, tax or national insurance contributions, annual leave or sick pay. What’s more, once the project in question is complete, the cost to you ends without any redundancy or notice period to pay for.
  2. Less administration: Save your HR department time by reducing or avoiding lengthy interview processes, negotiation and people management. We handle the administration side for you, allowing you and your staff to continue focusing on their work.
  3. Flexible: We often have consultants with immediate availability, for full- or part-time contracts, allowing you to get the exact help you require.
  4. Expert knowledge at a senior level: Our pool of professionals have an expanse of knowledge gained from long careers in the privacy field within a wide range of sectors. They are highly qualified and well-versed in troubleshooting privacy issues. We will offer the consultant who is most suitable for your needs.

Suitable projects for an interim consultant

We can support you with almost any data privacy-related project. Here are some examples of work our interim consultants have delivered:

  1. Undertaking GDPR implementation and handing over the reins when the project matured.
  2. Helping a data privacy team get through a busy period of subject access requests.
  3. Managing a data team while the organisation recruited for a permanent position.
  4. Offering experienced guidance on a complex data mapping and records of processing project.
  5. Performing due diligence on a new third-party contract.


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