Maximising the Value of Data Protection Consultancy Services

Data protection compliance is a critical aspect of every organisation’s operations. Ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information is paramount. To achieve this, many companies turn to data protection consultancy services.

Hiring a data privacy consultant can be a flexible and valuable option for organisations of all sizes. In this blog, we explore the benefits of consultancy and how engaging an expert can complement existing data protection staff, including DPOs (data protection officers).

Data privacy consulting improves flexibility

One of the primary advantages of consultancy services is the flexibility they offer. Organisations may not need full-time data protection support, depending on their size and the amount of data they are processing. GDPR consultants, with their specialist skills and knowledge, can be hired when needed, saving the organisation time and resources.

Additionally, most GDPR consultancy services are scalable. As a business’s data protection needs evolve or expand, consultants can adjust their level of involvement accordingly. Whether it’s for short-term projects or ongoing support, consultants provide tailored solutions that align with the businesses requirements.

Get expertise and industry insights from your data protecton consultant

Data protection consultants bring a wealth of expertise and up-to-date knowledge of privacy regulations and best practices. They are truly GDPR experts! Their specialised experience allows them to give support with anything from gap analyses to data breaches and general information security. Consultants stay abreast of ever-changing data protection laws and regulatory guidance, such as from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), helping organisations adapt to new compliance requirements and emerging threats.

Moreover, consultants have experience working with various clients across industries, which gives them unique insights into diverse data protection challenges. Leveraging this broad perspective, they can offer tailored solutions to address specific organisational needs.

Viewing data protection not as a “necessary evil”

We often find that our customers are surprised to discover that data protection can be enabling rather than restrictive (read more about this in our blog “Expert tips for practical GDPR compliance“). Our consultants’ insights into a risk-based approach to data protection have often helped our customers innovate in ways they previously had labelled impossible.

For example, an air ambulance charity we work with has been able to push forward with researching multiple life-saving projects such as live-streaming incidents to dispatchers to aid decision-making and drone-delivered defibrillators.

Data protection can enhance customer’s confidence in an organisation, and an experienced consultant is able to offer guidance based on a wider range of experience than an in-house team can.

Your data protection consultant will complement existing data protection staff

For organisations that already have an internal data protection team, engaging consultants can be a strategic move. Consultants bring an external viewpoint, objectively assessing existing processes and providing valuable feedback. This teamwork makes the in-house team more efficient. It can concentrate on daily tasks while consultants handle difficult projects or important plans.

Consultants can also offer specialised training and mentorship to existing data protection staff. This upskilling ensures that internal teams remain up to date with the latest practices and empowers them to handle a wide range of challenges.

Cost-effectiveness of data protection compliance services

Hiring and retaining a full-time data protection expert can be financially demanding for some organisations, especially smaller ones. Consultancy services provide a cost-effective alternative. Companies can access highly skilled professionals without the overhead costs associated with permanent employees, such as National Insurance, benefits and devices.

One of our customers, a charity based on the south coast, originally contracted us for several days of consultancy for a specific project. They soon realised if they contracted a consultant for a day a month, they’d get access to our team’s expertise without the associated price or administration of employing someone themselves. This is now a long term relationship, offering them the flexibility and insight they need at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, data protection consultants tend to work more efficiently, providing timely and focused solutions that optimise resources. They help organisations avoid potential fines and penalties resulting from non-compliance, saving money in the long run.

Customised solutions

Every organisation has unique data protection needs based on its size, industry and data handling practices. Data protection consultants understand this and tailor their services accordingly. They assess thoroughly and collaborate with the organisation to create tailored solutions that match its goals and risk tolerance.

Interim and Seconded Consultancy from DQM GRC

We employ experienced data protection professionals, so you don’t have to. Our consultants are available for different types of contracts, so you can choose the support you need without hiring more staff. They are experts in the GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018 and other relevant regulations, and have experience across many industries and organisation sizes. Engaging a consultant is very simple:

  1. Tell us what you need: to fill a skills gap, cover a leave of absence, or lead a project.
  2. Review your options: we’ll send you a list of possible consultants who will suit your needs and availability.
  3. Agree a start date: your contract will be with DQM GRC, leaving all the traditional recruitment administration to us.
  4. Get started: your consultant will be prepared to handle any tasks you require of them.

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In conclusion, data protection consultancy services offer numerous advantages for organisations seeking to enhance their privacy practices. Companies find them valuable for improving data protection. They are flexible and skilled, and can work well with existing staff. By working with data protection experts, organisations can easily handle data privacy obligations, protect sensitive information and meet regulatory requirements.

Data protection consultancy saves you the time and hassle of employing someone yourself


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