Opt-4 and DQM GRC join forces to help brands improve permission rates with launch of PermissionMax©

Published on Friday, March 11, 2016 - 12:27 by Peter Galdies

Press Release 11th March 2016. 

PermissionMax© will help brands predict consent rates and get real insight into why data is shared, according Opt-4 which has developed the product in association with DQM GRC. Backed by the joint experience of two of the UK’s leading data protection consultancies, PermissionMax© offers a unique combination of online research and virtual focus groups to add qualitative commentary.

“Falling consent is a ubiquitous problem. We know that the way organisations ask for consent really matters” comments Opt-4’s Director, Rosemary Smith. “Getting reactions from consumers through an online survey closely replicates live testing by incorporating brand and profile. But the chance to “sense check” results with brand advocates in a virtual focus group means we can get to the real sentiment behind the results” she continued.

Christine Andrews, Managing Director of DQM GRC is aware of the issues of online research, “Getting the right panel is vital to avoid a hidden response bias. Most of the early replies are from the Time-rich, but you need to allow more time to get an adequate level of responses from the Time-poor. We have ensured this bias won’t affect the results”. 

By adding the dimension of one-to-one interviews, the virtual panel curated by DQM GRC acts as a “critical friend”; commenting on positive and negative aspects of the proposed wording, and answering bespoke questions. 

Opt-4 believes PermissionMax© will prove to be a vital tool in the run up to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “Permission notices will need to be in plain English and the over-arching requirement is for complete transparency. If consumers don’t understand your wording, they can’t give informed consent” commented Opt-4 Director Jenny Moseley.


For more information, contact: jenny.pennington@dqmgrc.com or call her on 01494 442900