DQM GRC launches BreachTrak™

Published on Friday, October 18, 2019 - 11:43 by Cameron Troake

It takes 206 days to detect a data breach on average: BreachTrak™ can do it in one

To help organisations across the globe combat the rising complexity and costs of identifying and containing a data breach, DQM GRC has launched BreachTrak™ - a new online platform that enables you to keep an eye on your data even when it leaves the building and moves beyond your direct control.

The 2019 “Cost of a Data Breach” Report by IBM Security found the average time to identify a breach was 206 days, nearly 5% higher than its 2018 findings.

The research also revealed that the faster a breach can be identified and contained (also known as the breach lifecycle), the lower the costs for an organisation. Breaches with a lifecycle of less than 200 days were 37 percent less expensive than those which had longer lifecycles, saving an organisation $1.22 million on average.

BreachTrak™ enables an organisation to quickly identify when data has been misused so it can act immediately to contain the breach, minimising the damages and costs associated with regulatory fines and tarnished brand reputations.

The online platform is the most comprehensive solution on the market and has been constructed from over 20 years’ experience in data governance and security. It enables organisations to monitor data usage from both employees and third-party suppliers, and can track activities across e-mail, telephone, post and can additionally use Darkbeam technology to monitor the surface and dark web.

To use the platform, organisations just need to add their unique BreachTrak™ records into the company databases they want to keep an eye on. When the BreachTrak™ records are contacted or found on the web, updates will be logged into the company’s secure online portal and email alerts can be set up to instantly flag any suspicious or unusual activities. This means an organisation can quickly identify how the data has been misused and take immediate remedial action.

Peter Galdies, Managing Director of DQM GRC, comments: New research from Deep Secure has shown that almost half of office-based employees are willing to sell corporate information to outsiders, and as a little as £1,000 would be enough to tempt 25% into information theft.

It’s important to remember that the growing value of data, combined with the rising difficulty in an organisation’s ability to collect and process it (due to more demanding privacy regulations and a growing individual awareness), means the temptation to steal and sell data will continue to increase.

We’re excited to launch BreachTrak™, a new online solution that will help organisations combat this advancing threat. The platform enables you to add uniquely identifiable contacts amongst the real records within a data set, which are then continually monitored for all usage. This allows an organisation to spot any unexpected or suspicious activities, so they can swiftly take action and investigate further.

Ensuring staff and third-party suppliers are aware that this safeguard is in place can also minimise the likelihood of data theft – if they know they’re more likely to get caught, they will be less likely to take the risk.”

A standard BreachTrak™ subscription includes 5 unique records (known as Trakkers) at a monthly rate of £299 + VAT, additional Trakkers can be purchased at £50 + VAT per Trakker. These Trakkers will be monitored across e-mail, mail and telephone. An additional cost of £300 + VAT a month enables organisations to monitor Trakkers across the surface and dark web.

For more information on BreachTrak™ you can visit the website or get in touch if you have any questions or would like further details on this new online platform.


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