DQM GRC Expands Focus on Data Governance, Risk and Compliance

Published on Friday, March 4, 2016 - 08:34 by Peter Galdies

Press Release 4th March 2016. 

With a rapidly growing market worth £9.5bn today, almost daily data breaches, important new EU data protection regulation (GDPR) with fines of up to 4% of global turnover, (creating a further £3.5bn of market value), demand for data governance, risk and compliance services is forecast to rocket.  

To help meet this fast growing need for data protection products and services, leading data governance specialist DQM Group, now in its 20th year, announced today its new trading brand -  DQM GRC, and two important initiatives.

Firstly, the company has launched its new GDPR Radar™ service – the first assessment tool that will score your organisation against all aspects of the new, more demanding EU data regulation – see www.dqmgrc.com/gdpr.   

Secondly, a new partnership supporting Opt-4 to deliver PermissionMax© a new permission statement benchmarking and development service. 

The company is confident this greater emphasis on GRC will ensure it better support its customers’ data protection needs and will provide an even stronger focus to meet the growing demand from organisations across all sectors to protect their valuable data assets and help them comply with the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

DQM GRC MD Christine Andrews comments “With 20-years of experience helping commercial data owners and leading brands protect their valuable data assets and use them to drive business performance, DQM GRC is ideally placed to help clients understand and implement the changes required by the GDPR, maximise the opportunities from the new level playing field and grow consumer trust.   From a macro perspective there is no doubt that the value of data will continue to grow and the technology to support data applications will become faster and even more effective.   Data and its rules, regulations and processes will always be complex.  To reflect this, we will continue to build on the help, advice and insight we provide to professionals across organisations on all aspects of data, processes, technology, and data governance”.  

The company will continue to expand its Central London and Wycombe research and data centre operations.


For more information, contact:

Christine Andrews, MD, DQM GRC
+44 1494 442900